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5 Seconds of Summer – No Shame | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

5SOS are back to promoting their upcoming album with a brand new release–the third single. Titled “No Shame,” the song talks about yet another quirk of society–attention.

5 Seconds of Summer revealed the title of their upcoming fourth studio album ‘CALM,’ after releasing “Easier” and “Teeth” as singles in May and August 2019 respectively.

The new single “No Shame,” talks about the same fact. It winds around how modern society is built around the concept of ‘attention’ mostly boosted up by social media. It would not matter if someone else was dying if it meant to reach 1,000 likes on Instagram. The music video shows teens posing and taking pictures at a fresh car crash–their own car crash! Social media has gotten that worse.

Watch “No Shame” Music Video by 5SOS

Verse 1

In the first verse, 5SOS sings about a girl with a gun in her hand. We can safely presume that the ‘gun’ is a metaphor for the mobile phone. She is pointing the phone at her, possibly recording his reaction. Why? She could post it online with several hashtags #bae #loveofmylife #couplegoals etc.

She needs to be the center of attention!


In these lyrics, the singer invites the girl to burn him up, a subtle hint towards her actions being the end of his life. He is hooked on to her love and she is hooked on to social media fame.


In the chorus, the singer gets into the mindset of a modern-day teen afflicted with the fake fame of social media.

He talks about how this person comes alive only when the cameras flash around him. Anything for attention and everything for fame!

This thirst and lust for fame can get very bad at times. Someone could be screaming for help in danger, and the first thought that crosses his mind is to record it or to live-stream it. Viral content right? Sometimes these people go as far as to put themselves in danger to get more hype created around their social media profile. All for what? A day of fame?

Verse 2

In the second verse of the song, 5SOS sing how these fame-hoarders tend to end relationships just because they can no longer use the other for viral media. This is not entirely false for a relationship as well.

There is no known treatment to this sickness of the mind and it seems to be getting worse. The unfortunate fact is that this fake fame on social media is boosted by its advocates who make these content viral. It will take a whole lot of work to turn these wheels backward.

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