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Justin Bieber – All Around Me | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

“All Around Me” is the first track off of Justin Bieber’s fifth studio album ‘Changes.’ This song is yet another ode to love, singing about how he feels love all around himself with his partner.

Changes‘ is Justin Bieber’s fifth studio album released on February 14, 2020. This album is full of love as is a reflection of his married life to model Hailey Baldwin. The album had three singles, “Yummy” released in December 2019, “Get Me” released in January 2020, and “Intentions” released in February 2020. In the trailer for the upcoming documentary about his life, Justin Bieber spoke about the upcoming album; “I feel like this album is different from the previous ones just because of where I am at in my life.”

Verse 1

In the first track on this love-filled album, Justin Bieber reflects on his life before he met his spouse Hailey Baldwin. He says he was wandering astray, which could be a pretty massive blow for Selena Gomez. However, we doubt Justin Bieber has any intentions of dragging Selena’s name on to this album.

Bieber says that it is a nice feeling to have someone just for yourself, looking after you, loving you and caring for you. This is love!

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In the chorus, Bieber says that he wishes to surround himself with the kind of love that his partner gives him. She is his rock and she is his muse for life. It is a beautiful feeling.

Verse 2

Before her, Justin Bieber confesses that he never imagined himself being loyal to one partner. Maybe this is the reason why his on-and-off relationship with Selena Gomez did not pan out successfully. But this girl made him a different person–different for good!

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