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Justin Bieber – Habitual | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

“Habitual” is the second track off of Justin Bieber’s fifth studio album ‘Changes.’ In this track, Justin Bieber continues on the theme of the album which is ‘love.’ He says that his love is forever–it is a habit.

Changes‘ is Justin Bieber’s fifth studio album released on February 14, 2020. This album is full of love as is a reflection of his married life to model Hailey Baldwin. The album had three singles, “Yummy” released in December 2019, “Get Me” released in January 2020, and “Intentions” released in February 2020. In the trailer for the upcoming documentary about his life, Justin Bieber spoke about the upcoming album; “I feel like this album is different from the previous ones just because of where I am at in my life.”

There is an element of sexual undertone embedded in the lyrics, beautifully crafted to sound innocent.

Verse 1

Justin Bieber draws some examples from the nature of how magnificent things happen under the influence of beautiful phenomena. Flowers bloom under the sunlight and ocean tide changes under the moonlight. Likewise, with her love, Justin Bieber becomes a different person for good. He also says that he is fully committed to her and he is only for her “consumption.”

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Again, Bieber draws some natural occurrences to add beauty to the lyrics. Rain in April, balance in nature and Earth spinning around and around. Life goes on, and they are forever in love like these constants mentioned above.


‘Habitual’ is when some activity becomes a habit. Justin Bieber confesses that his love for her is similar to the constants mentioned in the pre-chorus above. It is not a temporary thing, but a forever thing.

Verse 2

The singer expresses how grateful that their paths crossed after all these years of wandering around. Now that they are fully committed to each other, they can look forward to a beautiful life and put behind their meaningless past.

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