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Justin Bieber – That’s What Love Is | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

“That’s What Love Is” is the fifteenth track off of Justin Bieber’s fifth studio album ‘Changes.’ This song is a sweet ode to love between two people, and how preserved it stands even in trying times.

Changes‘ is Justin Bieber’s fifth studio album released on February 14, 2020. This album is full of love as is a reflection of his married life to model Hailey Baldwin. The album had three singles, “Yummy” released in December 2019, “Get Me” released in January 2020, and “Intentions” released in February 2020. In the trailer for the upcoming documentary about his life, Justin Bieber spoke about the upcoming album; “I feel like this album is different from the previous ones just because of where I am at in my life.”


JB talks about certain feelings that he gets when he is around this girl. He can almost feel her touch without even touching her. He can imagine a future with this girl without having talked to her. Bieber believes that this is what love feels life.

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Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, Justin Bieber talks about how he feels with his partner. He knows that she is his better half. She helps her be great and achieve greatness. When they shine, they shine together. It sounds like the perfect relationship!

Verse 2

Bieber explains how they resolve their disputes. Even a perfect relationship is not without arguments and fights. It is only a matter of how well they resolve them and move past them. Bieber says she helps her resolve their issues by putting them into perspective.

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