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YUNGBLUD Drops “original me” Video with Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons (Lyrics Meaning)

The brand new music video for “original me” by YUNGBLUD is something out of the ordinary books. The video shot in a junkyard shows Dominic of YUNGBLUD teaming up with Dan Reynolds, vocalist of Imagine Dragons, to bring about an explosive performance.

“original me” appears in YUNGBLUD’s forthcoming EP ‘the underrated youth.’ We have already seen the title track of the album and its music video being released under the title “Hope for the Underrated Youth,” a true salute to the Millenials.

Dominic spoke about the song in an interview with Universal Music, where he explained the idea behind the song; “This song is about accepting the parts of yourself that you hate and realizing your biggest superpower is to be originally, authentically yourself. Working with Dan Reynolds was such a dream come true as he is a huge inspiration for me. The song literally came out of the studio within a day. The mutual raw energy between us made this song what it is.”

In this new music video, YUNGBLUD shows how the world tries to crush down the youth by making fun of their ‘flaws.’ “Life ain’t difficult,” “typical,” “a loser,” “paranoid,” “introvert” are some of the critics at the youth by the older generations. The song accepts these flaws and externalizes them in loud and powerful vocals.

The bridge of the song also emphasizes on the points such as “don’t let them waste your time” and “don’t let them change your mind.” Be the best version of yourself and never let anything change the true ‘you’ as long as the original ‘you’ don’t cause any harm to anyone else. Watch the music video below.

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