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IU – 에잇 (Eight) Ft. Suga English Translation | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

KPOP fans finally have a reason to rejoice amidst COVID-19 lockdown. There has been a series of new music releases in the USA, and now South Korean sensation Lee Ji-Eun, better known by her stage name IU, has released a brand new song, titled “에잇 (Eight),” featuring BTS’ Suga.

This track marks the first collaboration between these two Korean superstars although both parties have been successfully internationally before. The English and Korean infused lyrics are sung quite harmoniously over an upbeat music track.

Releasing the new song on May 6, 2020, IU talked about the idea behind it in a press release;

“Eight” is like a short novel of confession of my twenty-eight-year-old self to the fictional character ‘you’ using various metaphors. I’m not sure whether it comes from my personal feelings or from the general atmosphere of society that is enduring tough times together due to disasters, but my 28-year-old life is likely to be remembered as a recurring helplessness and fatigue, and a longing for the ‘Orange Island’ where ‘we’ were not sad and could be free.”

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“에잇 (Eight)” English Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

This song by IU touches a very fickle topic-time. Life, as it fades away, ever so unknowingly, at every blink of our eyes, are we happy?

It is a tough question to answer–even tougher in these Coronavirus trodden times. But despite such exceptions, are we really happy with ourselves? About who we are, what we do, and where we are going?

In the song, IU tackles these thoughts and realizes that after 28 years of roaming on this planet, she is still where she started. She feels as if she has not progressed in life–in which way? is a question only she could answer.

Finally happy now, are you?
Well, I’m exactly the same

It is also quite easy to get lost in the negative experiences and conclude that your life is bad or worse. But always end your train of thoughts on a positive note. It helps.

IU also understands that everything around us changes, and we have little to no control over most of them. She tells us that she does not want to love or hang on to these ever-changing prospects because they all lead to heartache at some point.

In the chorus, IU paints herself a positive memory. This is the reason behind the upbeat music of the track. She pictures a younger version of herself–a time when worries were less and life was easier.

In the second verse by Suga, he joins IU in their own imaginary paradise island where there is an Orange sun and there are no shadows. Everything is bright and without repurcussions. A simple life.

Suga also drops a huge bomb on their imaginary paradise island. While IU begs for them to stay forever young on this paradise island, Suga says that “the word “forever” is a sandcastle.”

In the third and final verse of “에잇 (Eight),” IU admits that memories keep her alive and happy even if she has nothing to look forward to. Memories oftentimes last ‘forever,’ if you keep revisiting them frequently enough. And for IU, this memory of their paradise island will last forever.

Let us hear what you think about this collaboration between IU and Suga in the comments below.

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