doja cat N-ggas Ain’t Sh-t

Doja Cat – N-ggas Ain’t Sh-t | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Coronavirus Covid-19 lockdown has been going on for months and this can drive any person insane. Hence, to kill the boredom of herself and her fans, Doja Cat went live on Instagram in April. In such a live session, she decided to preview one of her unreleased songs titled “N-ggas Ain’t Sh-t” and it is blowing up on TikTok.

“N-ggas Ain’t Sh-t” tackles the topic of trying to overcome the overarching hands of men in women’s lives, romantically and otherwise. The lyrics go on to demean some men who freeload off of successful women like Doja Cat herself.

“…come up in your crib
All up in your fridge, can’t pay rent…”

The song also encourages women to listen to their lady friends when they advise that ‘men don’t amount to as much as they are perceived to be and they should be treated as such.’

Listen to “N-ggas Ain’t Sh-t” by Doja Cat

“That’s not cheating if I wasn’t with your a*s” sings Doja Cat and this specific line is trending on TikTok and YouTube with fan-made videos of their best impersonation of the line. Watch the compilation below.

The song is a viral hit even before it is released, but Doja Cat has not spoken about a date of release of the song.

Stay tuned…

Check out the complete lyrics on Genius.

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