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Barlito – Times We Had | Original vs AutoTune

Getting a song to go viral is the dream of every new artist out there. However, a song can go viral for good and bad reasons both alike. Much like how Rebecca Black’s debut single “Friday” went viral for all the bad reasons, Barlito’s “Times We Had” is breaking the Internet for all the wrong reasons!

“Times We Had” is a collaboration between Barlito, JayHollywood and Eli Staxxz. Once you listen to the song below, you would have a hard time judging who had the best vocals on the track. The song released on May 15, 2020, and was initially thought to be comedy. However, now the track is #1 on TikTok and possibly climbing up there on Spotify as well.

The Internet decided to push “Times We Had” to #1 on TikTok to dethrone Doja Cat because she lied to her fans about flashing her boobs live. Initially, Doja Cat promised the fans to show her boobs if her track “Say So” reached #1 on Billboard Hot 100. It did, and she broke her promise. Since then, the Barlito ‘masterpiece’ is trending everywhere on the Internet.

The song by Barlito is about a massive betrayal by the love of his life. So, in a way, the track suits the betrayal by Doja Cat.

Listen to “Times We Had” by Barlito

If you made it through the song, you know why this is a massive troll by the all-powerful masses on the Internet. There is not a beat, tone, key, or vocal in tune with each other in this track. There is an autotune version of the song, which is slightly better. Check it out below.

“Reminiscin’ ’bout the time when you wasn’t by my side
Everything was going fast, baby girl, you didn’t last
Yeah, you had me in my bag
The times that you and me had”

However, it is not the end of the world for Barlito and his gang. Every kind of publicity is good publicity in music and showbiz. They just have to release a better follow-up track, just like Rebecca Black did.

Let us hear what you think about this track in the comments below. What is your favourite part of this track? The bells, the beat or the vocals?

Check out the full lyrics on Genius.

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