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Juice WRLD – Life’s A Mess Ft. Halsey | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Juice WRLD’s estate announced that there is a new album dropping soon titled ‘Legends Never Die.’ An appt title for the album in celebration of the late rapper who left a significant footprint in the music industry. We lost Jarad Anthony Higgins AKA Juice WRLD in December 2019 due to an accidental overdose of drugs. The first promotional single off of the upcoming album is a collaboration with Halsey, and is titled “Life’s A Mess.” Could there be a more suitable song title for the year 2020???

Halsey penned down some words on Instagram when the song was released;

Juice was one of the greatest people I have ever known, and one of the most brilliant artists we will ever live to witness. A true genius who had lyric and melody spilling out of him without any second thought or hesitation. And a beautiful soul who believed in spreading love and creating a community for people to feel less alone. It means everything to me that I could be a part of this album. I cried the first time that I heard it. With all the love in my heart, #lljw

Halsey also revealed a brand new tattoo on her hand which contains the song title accompanied with ‘999’ which was a signature symbol used by Juice WRLD. He expressed this as a polar opposite of ‘666’ which is the symbol of the devil. Through this, the rapper tried to emphasize our ability to find good in any bad situation.

‘Legends Never Die’ album is expected to release on July 10, 2020.

Listen to “Life’s A Mess” by Juice WRLD Ft. Halsey

“Life’s A Mess” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review


From the intro of the song we understand that this is going to be a tragic story. Juice WRLD asks us if we ever have fallen head over heels for somebody? The word ‘somebody’ doesn’t even justify the connection with this person. When it is your soulmate, they are not just somebody. Even though they might be long gone from your life, some part of them will always remain with you…within you.

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, Juice WRLD continues on the same theme as above. He talks about that one special relationship we had with that one person. There is always that one ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend who left an everlasting imprint on your soul. When such a love withers away, a part of us, withers away with them.

‘Throwing in the towel’ is a phrase used to describe ‘giving up.’ Juice wants all of us to know that losing a battle of love is not the end of the world. It does not have to be, unless you make it to be so. It might feel like you are fighting a battle on your own. But you only have to seek help and help shall come.


Juice WRLD also says that nobody has to feel alone in this world. There is always help if you look for it. If you can’t find anything else, you can still turn into the sky. The heaven above is always watching and they will look down upon the worthy.

Juice WRLD also implies that there is a ‘One’ for everyone on this Earth. Until you find that soul, just keep looking. It is okay to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all…


In the hook of the song, Juice WRLD sings that ‘life is a mess sometimes.’ But ‘sometimes’ is an understatement. Especially, the year 2020 feels like a collossal train wreck for the entire world. But, you have to be strong. You have to fight your battles. But you don’t have to fight it on your own.

Verse 2

It is a very surreal feeling to hear Juice WLRD singing about looking forward for better days. He shares that he has seen the worst in life and he believes that it is all behind him now. But he did not see the end of it all coming towards him.

Maybe ‘love’ healed him. Maybe that was the answer all along. Maybe, love is the answer for all of us.

It is also noteworthy that he sings about his whole world turning upside down for the better. This is exactly what he did with the Satanic ‘666’ symbol and turning it upside down to create a sign of positivity ‘999.’

Verse 3

The third and final verse of “Life’s A Mess” is by Halsey. She sings from the perspective of the woman that this guy was looking for all his life. She thanks God that they crossed their paths. Halsey wants to hold his hand and lead him to the rest of his and their life together. It is a happy thought.

Let us hear what you think about this collaboration between Juice WRLD and Halsey in the comments below. Excited for the upcoming posthumous album?

Check out the complete lyrics and further meaning breakdown on Genius.

3 thoughts on “Juice WRLD – Life’s A Mess Ft. Halsey | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

  1. Damm I fr love this song, when i feel down this song help me..some ppl dont understand what music means to others, all ik is that this music from juice wrld has helped me thru some real sh**

  2. A guy friend of mine for 10+ years sent me this song today we both lost siblings, he lost his older brother and I lost my little sister… Me and him have had our ups and downs and got into a fight today but after he sent me this song I just didn’t know what it meant to him… Or if it meant to him what it meant to me? If that makes any sense..

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