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KSI – Killa Killa | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Killa Killa” is the eighth track on KSI’s solo debut album ‘Dissimulation.’ This track is one of the many collaborations on the track and features vocals by Aiyana-Lee. The song surrounds on KSI’s ‘killer’ music and lifestyle.

KSI released the ‘Dissimulation’ album on May 22, 2020. The album brought some hits such as “Millions,” “Undefeated,” and “Cap” featuring Offset. “Killa Killa” became a trending topic on Twitter when the album released.

KSI proudly boasts about the $20 million networth under his name as being a self-made millionaire and an Internet celebrity. It is also noteworthy that his YouTube subscriber base is 21 million at the time of this article.

Watch “Killa Killa” Lyric Video by KSI Ft. Aiyana-Lee

“Killa Killa” Lyrics Meaning & Song Review


All these sections of the song are performed by Aiyana-Lee and she does an excellent job on the vocals. Her lyrics base around a ‘killer’ woman who turns anyone who stands next to her into a devil. ‘Baddie’ is slang for a very attractive and sexy female. She asks the audience if they are able to handle her type!

KSI’s jump into the song also comes with an answer to the above question, stating that he is of similar stature; “Hell no, you don’t know who you’re f*cking with.”

Verse 1

KSI goes on to rap about his legacy on the first verse. He talks about his self-made 20 million–dollars and fan base.

KSI also references boxer Floyd Mayweather with the clever line “Money-made, now I can choose the weather on any day.” ‘Money May’ is also a nickname for Floyd Mayweather. The pro boxer is undefeated in his career.

How animalistic is KSI when it comes to pursuing his goals? So animalistic that when he is sick he goes to a veteranarian–a doctor who specializes in animal health!

KSI also references the infamous fictional character Hannibal Lecter who was popularized through cannibalistic behavior. KSI plays on this trait by saying he is eating up all of his competition.

Verse 2

In the second verse of “Killa Killa,” KSI talks about his dominance over his counterparts–possibly on YouTube, music, and the people who made the transition between the two.

Turn up into killer mode (Ayy), legacy fiddling

He talks about his win-streak never ending and he will also not stop pushing and grinding at his goals. This debut solo album is the perfect example of his unrelenting pursuit.

What do you think about this track by KSI? Does it motivate you? Drop a comment below. Check out the complete lyrics and further meaning breakdown on Genius.


Watch the music video released on July 17, 2020, feautirng the sexy Aiyana-Lee.

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