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Juice WRLD – Bad Energy | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Bad Energy” is the fourth track on Juice WRLD’s first posthumous album ‘Legends Never Die.’ In this song, Juice attempts to get rid of the bad energy in his system accumulated through drug usage and all the mistakes that it led to.

‘Legends Never Die’ is Juice WRLD’s third studio album and was rumored to be titled ‘Outsiders.’ However, after Juice WRLD’s death in December 2019, the album title changed into its current title in retrospect of the artist’s legacy. Two singles released ahead of the album release, namely; “Righteous” and “Tell Me U Luv Me.” Two other promotional singles released days before the album release, namely; “Life’s A Mess” featuring Halsey and “Come & Go” featuring Marshmello. A note released along with the album mentions “We feel that this collection of 15 songs best represents the music Juice was in the process of creating… Juice dedicated his music to his fans and, now more than ever, we hope this album brings some reprieve to everyone during these unsettling times.”

In the two verses of the song, Juice WRLD explains his love and addiction for drugs. Voices in his brain, soul screaming and crying, feeling like dying, trauma in his heart, and calls from the dark side are some of the examples of the things he is trying to get rid of or subside with the help of drugs. Of course, drugs would be a temporary solution. He wishes to get rid of these bad habits and the bad energy that makes him resolve to drugs.

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This yet another track on Juice’s discography that confesses his love for Codeine drug. However, it does not help him in the long run. He pours out his feelings in the studio, to a mic, and then to a mindless public mass. No help comes through that. He continues on this route until the inevitable.

Another topic that surfaces ever so slightly among a drug-infused script on ‘Legends Never Die’ album is Juice’s love for his girlfriend. She seems to be the only positive thing in his life. But all her love and all of his fan’s love were not enough to keep him afloat.

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