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BLACKPINK – Lovesick Girls | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Lovesick Girls” is the fifth track on BLACKPINK’s 2020 album titled ‘The Album.’ The band announced this song as the title track of the album.

The K-Pop superstars BLACKPINK are releasing their first full-length album titled ‘The Album’ on October 2, 2020. This highly anticipated project comes with two singles “How You Like That” and “Ice Cream” featuring Selena Gomez. The album has already passed a million pre-orders before the album is released.

On “Lovesick Girls,” BLACKPINK sings about love and how much we all crave for it no matter how many times it lets us down.

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“Lovesick Girls” English Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

In the first verse, Jennie sings how love can feel like being in a trapped room without windows sometimes. It can feel like suffocation when you are with the wrong person, and it looks dark all around. But as soon as you get out of such a relationship, you seek a better one. This is human nature!

Verse 2

In the second verse, Lisa also jumps in to say that despite getting burnt from love each time, they still believe in a ‘happily ever after.’ This makes them want to take more chances even though it makes them vulnerable to heartache and pain.


In the pre-chorus by Jisoo, she tries to be positive thinking that the pain will be only for a short while and the better days are just around the corner. She has to take this leap of faith every day to see this relationship through.


In the hook of the song, we realize that the BLACKPINK girls have come to terms with the pain and heartache bundles with love. They almost expect it now every time in relationships. But they are all positive about love every time.

Verse 3

In the third verse, Lisa joins in for a complete English verse. In these lyrics, she explains to us how she is no expecting the gooey romantic stuff from her relationships. At this point, she will be satisfied with something just longterm.


In the bridge of the song, BLACKPINK phrases ‘love’ in a very cruel light: “slipping,” “falling,” and “killing.” She also says it is a feeling of “fearless trembling.” These are some words of a person with love-hurt experiences. But she is okay with it now, she is happy to go through the pain if it is meant to be part of the process of discovery. However, BLACKPINK does make something fairly clear–this song is not a plea for anyone’s pity towards them.

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2 thoughts on “BLACKPINK – Lovesick Girls | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

  1. In the part where Rosie says ¨Killin your darlin¨
    Kill your darlings is a phase that is used a lot in writing, it means that you must get rid of things like characters, storylines, and some sentences that the author worked hard on for the sake of the story’s outcome.
    Therefore what she probably meant by that was you sometimes must get rid of certain people, in this case, lovers, to make the overall outcome of your life better no matter how much they mean to you.

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