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Ariana Grande – Positions | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Positions” is the lead single and the title track of Ariana Grande’s 2020 album of the same name. Grande announced the album and the single on social media merely a week before the release date. The song talks about how Ariana Grande juggles work-life balance, being one of the biggest superstars in the world, and also being a loving and caring partner to her significant other.

Positions‘ is Ariana Grande’s sixth studio album following her 2019 album ‘Thank U, Next.’ The new album is expected to release on October 30, 2020.

Ariana Grande teased the new single cover on her social media with a pre-save link. With less than 15 hours before the release, Ariana Grande Tweeted out a snippet of the song;

The single released on October 23, 2020, along with its music video. The music video shows Ariana Grande switching her roles between being a boss lady over her career, businesses, and at times being the president of the country, to being a homemaker. The song and video portrays the power of women in this ultimate balancing act.

Watch “Positions” Music Video by Ariana Grande

“Positions” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

In just two lines, Ariana Grande conveys her admiration for her partner in the first verse. She thinks he is heaven-sent and she knows he should be loved and cared for as such. Grande is a bit worried about repeating her history with men; for example with late rapper Mac Miller, whom she left after a long-term relationship as he was addicted to drugs, and could not change his ways. Ariana Grande shed tears about this decision and his death all over her last album ‘Thank U, Next.’ Another similar example is with Pete Davidson, with whom she got engaged just a couple of months into the relationship. However, the two split up soon after. Grande might be referring to this track record of hers, and being scared of repeating the same with someone who truly deserves better.


In these lyrics, we come to know that this new relationship of Ariana Grande is quite serious. She claims that she is going to meet his parents on Sunday, of all days. Sunday is church day. This is the responsible side of her. She also claims that she is going to get wild with him on Monday. This is her switching positions to maintain the balancing act–the balance between a church-girl and a freak in the bed.


In the hook of the song, Ariana Grande promises that she will switch her positions, no matter how high or ‘low’ they seem, for him. Ariana Grande is a multi-million dollar selling artist and to think that she has time to cook and wash around the house is quite unbelievable. However, factual or fiction these promises may be, it is the thought that counts. She promises to cook him meals and take care of him because she knows he is worth it.

Olympic Games is a multi-game event held every four years in different venues across the world. There might be very less events that involve jumping through a hoop, but Ariana Grande’s reference is to the Olympic logo itself, which is five hoops interlocking with each other. ‘Jumping hoops’ is also a reference to attending for many different things and accomplishing them.

Verse 2

Ariana Grande believes this boy is true good to be true, and she wants to run their course of the relationship and see where it leads.


In the bridge of the song, Ariana Grande admits that this balancing act is not something she wants to commit to at all times. Maybe she is referencing her previous relationships. However, this boy is different. She feels the need to do justice for the love and nurture he brings into their relationship.

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