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Ariana Grande Announces ‘Positions’ Album (Tracklist, Features, Release Date & Review)

Ariana Grande announced her brand new 2020 album titled ‘Positions’ just days before the album release date.

The 27-year-old pop star is returning from her massively successful 2019 album ‘Thank U, Next,’ which circulated around some turbulent times in the singer’s life. Mere a year and half later, we see the follow-up album ‘Positions’ being released as Ariana Grande announced on her social media.

On October 18, 2020, Ariana Grande posted a video of her pressing some keys in a keyboard that spelled ‘positions’ thus hinting at the album title. However, a link to her official website proved that the album and the lead single are both titled ‘Positions.’

In a Tweet, Ariana Grande also revealed that this album is her favorite for many reasons.

“Positions” Album Tracklist

  1. shut up
  2. 34+35
  3. motive Ft. Doja Cat
  4. just like magic
  5. off the table Ft. The Weeknd
  6. six thirty
  7. safety net Ft. Ty Dolla $ign
  8. my hair
  9. nasty
  10. west side
  11. love language
  12. positions
  13. obvious
  14. pov

‘Positions’ Album Release Date

The full studio album released on October 30, 2020.

‘Positions’ Album Review

Ariana Grande’s ‘Positions’ album marks a brand new era in the singer’s life as-well-as her music. Recovering from a rather dark and heartbroken state in her previous album ‘Thank U, Next,’ Ariana Grande moves onto a more romantic stage in 2020.

The album title, ‘Positions,’ refers to the title track of the album which talks about the singer taking different positions in her life to maintain her career and also preserve her personal life. However, looking through the other tracks on the album, we can’t help but deduce that ‘positions’ is also a subliminal reference to different sex positions.

If the above idea seems too far fetched, listen to “34+35” track or “nasty” from the album. Ariana Grande opens up herself in a vivid sexual nature than she has ever done before throughout this album. The song “34+35” is titled as such to derive the solution to the equation as ’69’ which is a universal symbol for mutual oral sex.

However, the majority of the songs on the album lean towards love and sound relationships. As per Internet research at the time of the album release, Ariana Grande is not dating anyone. So, it is difficult to imagine where she drew the inspiration for so many romantic themes. It is also possible that she was referring to some selected positive memories from her past relationships. For an instance, on the “just like magic” track, Ariana Grande sings that she pens a love letter to the heavens, hinting at her love towards her ex-boyfriend and late rapper Mac Miller.

A track off the spectrum of love topics on this album is “shut up,” the first track on the album. In this song, Ariana Grande assumes a boss-figure over the entire music industry and her critics and her haters. The title of the song is her answer to all their irrelevant comments towards her.

The ‘Positions’ album shows Ariana Grande in the best possible times of her life. The album captures a wide array of human emotions from the youth’s raging lust, love, happiness, gratitude, dominance, vulnerability, and more.

What are your favorite songs from the album? Drop a comment below.

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