Billie Eilish Announces ‘Happier Than Ever’ Album (Tracklist, Release Date, Cover & Review)

Returning from her massively successful debut studio album ‘WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?,’ Billie Eilish is ready to drop her follow-up album ‘Happier Than Ever.’ The titles themselves are a clear contrast, and we can expect the themes to follow suit.

Billie Eilish announced her second studio album ‘Happier Than Ever’ on April 27, 2021, a day following the announcement of the lead single and the title track of the album. She also revealed the full tracklist of the album along with the album cover featuring the brand new hair color-blonde!

Billie Eilish grabbed five Grammy awards for her debut studio album including the coveted ‘Song of the Year,’ ‘Record of the Year,’ ‘Album of the Year,’ and ‘Best New Artist.’

Billie Eilish ‘Happier Than Ever’ Album Artwork

‘Happier Than Ever’ Album Cover (Image: Twitter/Billie Eilish)

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Billie Eilish ‘Happier Than Ever’ Album Tracklist

  1. Getting Older
  2. I Didn’t Change My Number
  3. Billie Bossa Nova
  4. ​my future
  5. Oxytocin
  7. Lost Cause
  8. Halley’s Comet
  9. Not My Responsibility
  10. OverHeated
  11. Everybody Dies
  12. Your Power
  13. NDA
  14. Therefore I Am
  15. Happier Than Ever
  16. Male Fantasy

Most likely than not, Billie Eilish will focus a few songs on addressing a few controversies surrounding her since her explosive entrance in to the music scene three years ago. Songs such as “Therefore I Am” have already addressed concerns on her body. Maybe, “Male Fantasy” is another song in the same direction.

The title track of the album, “Happier Than Ever,” is about the awakening after a brutal relationship has ended. It takes a lot of courage to realize that happiness only comes within.

Billie Eilish ‘Happier Than Ever’ Album Release Date

The new album releases on July 30, 2021.

Let us hear your expectations of the album in the comments below.

Stay tuned for more updates…

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