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Olivia Rodrigo – traitor | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“traitor” is the second track on Olivia Rodrigo’s 2021 album ‘Sour.’ The song talks about a relationship gone south, a common theme in most tracks on the album. She calls her ex-partner a traitor for leaving her for another woman.

Olivia Rodrigo announced her debut studio album ‘Sour‘ following the massive success she gained with her debut single “driver’s license.” She followed up this success with another single “deja vu.” Announcing the new album, she commented “alsoooooo i f*cked around and made an album. i’m so proud of it.”

Much like her debut sensation “drivers license,” “traitor” could also be about her spoiled relationship with fellow actor Joshua Bassett. The duo fell in love during their acting days together in ‘The Highschool Musical: The Musical: The Series.’ However, the two split up soon after for reasons known only to them. However, Olivia claims, in her songs, that Joshua cheated on her with fellow singer Sabrina Carpenter.

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“traitor” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

Olivia Rodrigo calls her ex-lover a traitor breaking her heart and moving on with another girl. His eyes are brown and they are flooded with guilt now.

Completely unrelated is that Joshua Bassett has eyes the color of hazel.

In the first verse, Olivia sings how she was bathed in a world of white lies all throughout her relationships. All his sweet whispers literally turned out to be sweet nothings. Olivia knew something was up, but she acted dumb. She knows that he talked to the other girl behind her back. And she assumes that there were worse acts of sins committed behind her back.


All throughout the album, Olivia sings about how fast he moved on from her once they broke up. She is hinting that he already was cheating on her while they were dating. So moving on for him was quite easy. When confronted about her, he said she was just a friend, and Olivia acted dumb.


An absolutely devastated Olivia sings that all the times she has been there for him did not matter in the end. When it came to moving on, he had it all planned out prior. She reveals that he talked to the other girl when they were dating. Even if he didn’t cheat on her, Olivia says he is still a traitor!

Verse 2

Olivia Rodrigo finds it impossible to believe that he could fall in love with another girl just two weeks after they broke up. This is more evidence that there was something going on between them behind the scenes. Olivia was not oblivious to the fact. Nevertheless, she acted dumb for the sake of their relationship. In the end, it ended the only way it could–with heartache and disappointment.

Also completely unrelated is that Joshua Bassett started trending on Twitter since the release of the song with the hashtag #traitor. This, however, is completely unnecessary.

Olivia Rodrigo now only has remorse and regrets about ever being in a relationship with this guy. She saw the red flags and chose to ignore them. And they eventually caught up!

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4 thoughts on “Olivia Rodrigo – traitor | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

  1. This song was very related to me,whf……
    So story time,we are in LDR relationship for 4 years,we broke up for almost 2 months ago, I was still waiting for him to talk to me that time cause i am still hoping that we can still fix our relationship, but suddenly he posted an stories on his account together with his new girl,we are not friends on fb ,i unfriended him after 2weeks of breaking up with him,one of my bestfriend send me a screenshot photo that my ex posted on his socmed,i was shocked,really!seriously!2 months then you already found someone that are near with you,he didnt even care for what i feel,its that easy move on?is it easy to forget all what we have!it really give f*cking pain,i was crying all day and night because of that, i was even ask my worth as a woman. Even you say that you didnt cheated on me your still a f*cking traitor!you betrayed me……congratulations,just wait for your karma….f*cking boy

  2. I relate to this song because there was a guy who told me he liked me, n than I was thinking bout it n after 2 3 weeks he was with his new girlfriend holding hands…he didn’t cheat but he’s still a traitor

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