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K-Pop sensation BTS is back with a brand new single and a music video titled “Butter.” Why butter? Because the song is about to melt your heart like butter on a sunny day. The romantic song is full of energy and positivity–just what the doctor ordered for these grim times.

“Butter” is the second full English song by Korean breakout group BTS following “Dynamite” released in August 2020. The latter, too, is a very uplifting song full of dance-pop beats and bright visuals.

In the song, BTS members sing how their love will sweep their partners up like butter under their feet, and how they will melt their hearts like butter on a sunny day.

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“Butter” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

In the first verse, Jung Kook and V sing about how their buttery smooth macho is going to make you all for them. In the process, they nod to one of the most famous dance tracks in the world; “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson.

Verse 2

In the second verse of the song, BTS nods to another great artist and an ever better mood-lifter Usher, and his hit single “U Got It Bad.”


The rest of the song is dedicated to bringing some absolute fire lyrics to uplifting the mood of all listeners. They even invite the listeners to dance with them instructing on the choreography;

Side step, right, left to my beat

Verse 3

In the third verse, both Suga and RM sing about the bling on them that only adds to their silky smooth and buttery personalities. ‘Ice’ is slang for diamonds. But they say they are not ballers nor players. They will love you and cherish you forever.

They also give a nod to their fanbase, named ARMY. They know that they can always rely on their fans so they are not scared to take on the world. Even more so, they want all the fans to have a good time with their music rather than worry about everything happening in the world right now.

Much like “Dynamite,” this brand new song and video are absolute bangers, certain to uplift your mood. It is hard to not like this one by BTS.

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