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Silk Sonic – Skate | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

The adventures of Silk Sonic continue with their second single ever “Skate.” The Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak saga, known as Silk Sonic, is here to bring back the feel-good vibes and put talent back into music. On this track, Silk Sonic brings some serious summer vibes and throws us back to the good ol’ 70s when everybody was on skates on the streets.

Silk Sonic announced their collaborative journey a few months back with their debut single “Leave the Door Open.” The song was exceptionally well-received by fans and critics alike. Bruno Mars commented that “@AndersonPaak and I pouring our heart and soul into these songs.” All these songs will make up Silk Sonic’s debut studio album ‘An Evening with Silk Sonic.’

Much like the first single, “Skate” is a smooth vibing track about appreciating the women in their lives. The rollerskates represented an era where the world was much more ‘free’ and ‘relaxed’ than in current times. All the people seemed happier and free-er somehow. Almost coming out of a 2-year-long lockdown from a global pandemic, this song is a fresh breath of air to all our depressed souls.

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“Skate” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Silk Sonic songs are not the most cryptic lyrics there are. Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak keep the lyrics simple to convey the message better.

In the first verse of the song, Anderson .Paak woos the ladies with some buttery smooth singing. He calls her lady a ‘hundred dollars’ in a world full of dimes. If looking good was a crime, he says that she would be locked up in a tower like Rapunzel from the German fairy tale. It is quite clear that the singer is smitten by the girl and he is not afraid to confess it.

In the second verse by Bruno Mars, he follows suit. He admires his lady’s wind dancing in the wind as she skates around with her friends. He also sings that she sings better than barbecue and barbecue does smell great. It’s also an instant mood lifter

The premise of the song is that both singers enjoy watching their partners move around in their skates while they do what they do best–sing and beat the drums.

Oh, skate to me baby
Come on, slide your way on over

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