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Ed Sheeran – Collide | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“Collide” is the eighth track on Ed Sheeran’s 2021 album ‘=’ or ‘Equals.’ The song is about the sparks when two people in love collide with each other. Ed Sheeran talks about some of his favorite memories with the person he loves the most.

Ed Sheeran announced his fourth studio album ‘=’ also known as ‘Equals’ to be released on October 29, 2021. Announcing the album, Ed Sheeran commented his experiences that inspired this brand new album; “I’ve been through love, loss, new life, grief and everything in between during the whole period of writing it, and I feel like it’s really a coming of age record.” This is Ed Sheeran’s first major project since his collaborative album ‘No. 6’ in 2019 and follow-up to his mathematic’s inspired album series

On Apple Music, Ed Sheeran shared his take on the song; “I felt the album was quite morose up to this point, and I wanted to pick it up again with an uplifting song. My first-dance wedding song was “Thirteen” by Ben Kweller, which is a list of things that he did with his wife. I messaged him and said, ‘Can I do a version of that [and] it’s everything else that me and Cherry have done?’ And he said, ‘Go ahead!’ It’s a tune that, if you were at a festival, you’d be putting your hands in the air and holding a glass of cider.”

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Ed Sheeran “Collide” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the first and second verses of the song, Ed Sheeran sings about some of the fondest memories he shared with the person he loves the most.

Walking in the rain, sleeping on a beach, been to an Irish bar in Rome, broken bones, and been to the emergency room with.

Becausе the world looks better whеn I’m by your side

The song captures the emotions of doing simpler things in life that intensify when you are with the person you love. A simple walk in the streets at night could feel entirely different based on who you take the walk with.

Ed Sheeran sings how this person brings the best in him and makes everything he does so much more colorful.

When you and I collide
You bring me to life

The word ‘collide’ has been synonymous with love, especially in English literature. Often the word ‘collide’ stands for something destructive or chaotic. However, this interpretation flips upside down when it comes to love. This collision sparks love energy that entices the couple and fills the air with love. The whole world looks different, colorful, and alive.

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