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Silk Sonic – Smokin’ Out The Window | Lyrics Meaning Explained

When Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak first announced their group work under the name ‘Silk Sonic,’ we were skeptical of what they had to offer together. But this is one of those times when being wrong has never been so good. On to their third single now, Silk Sonic has been an absolute blast from the past. This is our take on their latest single “Smokin’ Out The Window.”

Silk Sonic blasted into the music scene with their debut single “Leave the Door Open,” bringing in those feel-good ’70s vibes. They followed up this success with “Skate,” a tribute to the summer-skate-vibes from the same era. With the release of “Smokin’ Ou The Window,” Silk Sonic complete a trio of singles released from their debut studio album ‘An Evening with Silk Sonic.’ The album is expected to release on November 12, 2021.

In the songs on ‘An Evening with Silk Sonic’ album, the group has tackled topics of love and freedom so far. “Smokin’ Out The Window” takes a turn for the worst. The band finds them beaten by the same love they adored once. Smoking a cigarette, sitting by a window, looking outside, and contemplating what went wrong where, in their relationships is all they can do now.

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Silk Sonic “Smokin’ Out The Window” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

All those smooth vocals, suave clothes, roller skate dances, and ’70s macho could not save Silk Sonic from heartbreak. Silk Sonic has received a good run for their money from someone who they thought was the one.

Wait a minute, this love started out so tender and so sweet
But now she got me smokin’ out the window

Some people use smoking as a way to fight stress. For others, it’s a way to replace another addiction. For Silk Sonic, it’s both.

Bruno Mars sings how he probably spent a good forty-five thousand dollars on this girl at expensive fashionwear like Tiffany & Co. Bruno bought her diamond jewelry, paid her rent, and fed her. And it is not as if Bruno Mars was dating a girl with the cleanest slate. This girl came with baggage, too. She brought in a couple of kids she had from her ex into Bruno’s life as well. That is all good — kids and past relationships are what Bruno Mars knew going into the relationship. But what he could not foresee was how dirty she would do him in the end. Bruno says might as well put him and her ex-partner into the same bottle of jam mix.

And here I am all alone (All alone)
I’m so cold, I’m so cold
You got me out here

When the dust of passion and hasty decisions settle, Bruno Mars comes to realize that he has been in a lose-lose battle with this girl. Bruno Mars looked over everything in the hopes that she would at least be by his side and be his source of warmth. But he is all by himself now, only a cigarette replacing her.

Oh, I thought that girl belonged to only me
But I was wrong
‘Cause she belong to everybody, everybody

It looks like Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak tried to contain a wild stallion. She does not belong to any one man. She might be having commitment issues, burnt from her previous experiences. Or she might be living the life she wants. Either way, she leaves a trail of broken hearts along her journey.

In the second verse by Anderson .Paak, the singer licks his fresh wounds. He recalls just how a couple of nights ago she was wrapped around his legs and was screaming “Hercules…Hercules.” The name derives from one of Greek mythology’s most-famous heroes, Hercales. Hercules is the Roman equivalent of Heracles. He is known for his strength and his defiant 12 adventures. In the context of the song, Anderson .Paak is saying that one minute she was putting him on the highest pedestal (being called Hercules while having sex is probably quite the ego-booster), and the next minute she rips him apart.

In the end, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak can do nothing but smoke a cigarette, sing this song, and give out a warning to everyone out there; “look out.”

It’s the Autumn of heartbreaks, ladies and gentlemen. We have the 10-minute version of “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)” coming out along with ‘An Evening with Silk Sonic’ and Adele’s ‘30‘ album in the following week. Stay tuned.

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10 thoughts on “Silk Sonic – Smokin’ Out The Window | Lyrics Meaning Explained

  1. The lyrics may not be that deep, but I think it’s amazing that he is sitting in a Mercedes feeling suicidal. So many people think money is their cure and key to happiness, when true love actually is-and it can’t be bought.

  2. I just wish in this day and age they could have found something other then smoking as the way they released the stress. Love the song, the tight harmonies are great, but can’t get past the subject.

    1. I was thinking the same thing what does he mean by that “ smokin out the window of the Benzo.. the only thing I can think of that Benzo is short for the word “Mercedes Benz “ ( maker of the car.)

    2. Smokin out the benz-oh is referencing to a Mercedes (Benz) vehicle and (oh) is an ad-lib placed after to make it more catchy and hit different.

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