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Lauren Spencer-Smith – Fingers Crossed | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Fingers Crossed” is a brand new song released by Lauren Spencer-Smith. In the song, the singer talks about her ex–the memories she shared with them–both good and bad.

Lauren Spencer-Smith gained recognition being a contestant in the 2020 season of American Idol. She reached the Top 20 in the season. Lauren then previewed the “Fingers Crossed” clip on her TikTok profile which went viral.

Lauren released “Fingers Crossed” as a single on January 5, 2022. The song shot to #1 on the US iTunes chart within a day of release.

The title of the song is a reference to a common gesture of hope or wish for success or luck. However, a second, more unpopular finger crossing gesture also exists, that expresses that someone is lying. When a person does not mean what they say, they tend to cross their fingers behind their back. In the song, Lauren sings that their hope for a happily-ever-after never came true. So, we can imagine that she is singing about the latter finger-crossing gesture.

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Lauren Spencer-Smith “Fingers Crossed” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the first verse of the song, Lauren sings how things were quite magical for a while in her relationship with her now-ex. She got along well with his family. He made her breakfast. They made plans to travel the world. They promised to put each other first in every situation. Things were looking very good for a moment.

But, alas! It was not meant to last.

Now she despises him. Their priorities went all out of order. All the hours they spent together weaving their future and whispering sweetest promises seem to have all gone in vain.

I gave you my hours and advice just tryna fix you
And all your daddy issues
But now, I don’t even miss you anymore

Generally, girls are known to have daddy issues–a social dynamic where a daughter does not receive enough love and affection from her father so she seeks to fill the void from strangers. In the song, however, this could allude to just a broken relationship between the guy and his father.

All you did was prove me wrong
When you said you loved me
Well, you must’ve had your fingers crossed

Lauren realizes that this guy did not mean what he said when he said that he loves her. Crossing fingers in front of your body is a gesture of hope and good luck. The same gesture done behind your back is a reference to deceit. Lauren is clearly talking about the second gesture.

In the artwork for the single, we see two hands behind someone’s back and one hand has its fingers crossed. This is not a gesture of hope and good luck. This is rather a gesture of lying and pretending.

A gesture of luck or deceit, it is the actual actions that decide the fate of a relationship. And this relationship did not have the fairytale ending that she had hoped for. But she has a fiery song out about her breakup–which is not the worst outcome.

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2 thoughts on “Lauren Spencer-Smith – Fingers Crossed | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

    1. I believe the song writer is singing to herself. The singer is who she was before she met him, and who she has become since him combined. She’s singing to her former self. Singing to the lost soul and shell of a person she was when she was with him. This song is a step toward forgiving herself and learning to trust herself again. Her intuition screaming at herself for taking the wrong path.

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