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Grimes – Shinigami Eyes | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Shinigami Eyes” is the first taste of the upcoming extended play by Grimes. The upcoming EP is titled ‘Fairies C*m First.’ On this track, Grimes ushers death and destruction upon her haters using her special powers. However, the context of the song is wrapped up in the Shinigami Japanese folklore and the ‘Death Note’ anime. As a bonus, the music video for “Shinigami Eyes” features Jennie from BLACKPINK.

“Shinigami Eyes” was released on January 26, 2022, as the first single from Grimes’ upcoming EP. Talking Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Grimes explained her love for ‘Death Note‘ manga and how it influenced the theme of the song; “I love the record, but it’s just like, everyone’s like, ‘What’s the deeper meaning?’ And it’s like, well, Nino Angelo had just watched Death Note and really liked it. Basically, I wrote the whole space opera thing and this is the only song that wasn’t this big narrative plot.”

In Japanese folklore, Shinigami are gods or supernatural spirits that invite humans to the world of the dead. In ‘Death Note,’ the shinigami eyes can be used to reveal the names and their lifespan of people around the user in exchange for half the lifespan of the user themselves. This ability is used to enter the people’s names to the Death Note, which ushers in the death of those who’s names are within. Grimes herself is a big fan of animes.

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Grimes “Shinigami Eyes” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Grimes kicks off the song by announcing that she has her shinigami eyes on. And this means one thing–somebody is going to end up dying. However, in a less sinister note, this is a warning at her haters who seem to have strong opinions about her actions on social media.

Rent-free in your head
Missing from your bed

The more they hate her, the more traction she gets on social media. She gets to live rent-free in her haters’ heads and eat them within.

But you like me the most
You follow me the most

The fun fact about haters is that they never seem to go away. They will just stick by to hate on everything one does. They will follow you, subscribe to you, retweet your posts, and comment on them. On social media, this is free advertising at its best!

I’m the queen upon the chessboard

Chess is a very complicated board game with strategies and logic and mindgames involved. The Queen is the most powerful piece on the board (King is the main piece of the game, but every other piece has to protect the King). With this line, Grimes shows her prowess over her haters. When her haters are playing checkers, Grimes is playing Chess.

'Shinigami eyes' from Death Note (Image:
‘Shinigami eyes’ from Death Note (Image:

Everything is fine
Got my Shinigami eyes

‘Everything is fine’ is probably the most sinister line in every story right before something tragic happens. The false sense of comfort can either make the victims quiver or fall into a false sense of security. We cannot tell which is more brutal.

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