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Drake – The Heart Part 6 (Kendrick Diss) | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

There is no end to the rap beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar and we are all for it. After Kendrick’s banger diss track “Not Like Us” was released on May 5th, hip-hop fans were of the opinion that Drake had to respond, and Drake delivered “The Heart Part 6.”

The war between Drake and Kendrick Lamar was set afoot when Drake collaborated with J. Cole on “First Person Shooter” in October 2023. In the track, Cole mentioned all three artists, Kendrick, Drake, and himself, and implied that, at the moment, he feels like he is in a different league altogether. Kendrick went ballistic on both Drake and Cole on his feature with Metro Boomin on “Like That” in March 2024. In April 2024, Drake released “Push Ups” making fun of K Dot’s appearance. Drake doesn’t let Kendrick take a breather after this by releasing a second diss “Taylor Made Freestyle.” Kendrick Lamar doubles down on his response to Drake on “Euphoria” which lasts for 6 minutes and 30 seconds. Just 72 hours after “Euphoria,” Kendrick follows through with another diss track “6:16 in LA.” In the track, Kendrick claims that Drake’s label ‘OVO’ has moles working for him. Drake responds within 14 hours with “Family Matters” in which he digs dirt on K Dot’s relationships of infidelity. Kendrick’s response comes even faster, mere minutes later, with “Meet the Grahams.” In this diss, Kendrick claims that Drake has many other children, than Adonis, he claims for. Kendrick didn’t allow time for Drake to respond and released “Not Like Us” on May 5th.

The title of the track “The Heart Part 6” is borrowed from Kendrick Lamar’s song series titled “The Heart.” The last installment of this series was “The Heart Part 5” which was released on May 8, 2022.

In “The Heart Part 6,” Drake not only addresses many of the accusations made by Kendrick Lamar in “Not Like Us” and “Meet the Grahams,” but also says that anyone can make a diss with fabricated lies. Drake discredits Kendrick’s claims of sexual misconduct, sheltering sex predators, a secret daughter, and also says that he intentionally leaked most of the misinformation Kendrick was rapping about.

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Drake “The Heart Part 6” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

On the only verse of the diss, Drake has a long list of issues to air about Kendrick and what he has been saying so far.

Drake begins by calling Kendrick Lamar a ‘Pulitzer Prize winner’ which is factual. Kendrick won the award in 2018 under the music category for his 2017 album ‘DAMN.’ On the other hand, Drake is implying that Kendrick is a master liar capable of creating fabricated stories about Drake.

Next, Drake addresses Kendrick’s claims that Drake is a rat who ratted out his colleagues in court cases. Drake wants to know where are the trial records. Where is the paperwork? And how he would survive in the industry if he betrayed its players.

The ones that you’re gettin’ your stories from, they all clowns
I am a war gеneral, seasoned in prеparation

Drake says that whatever ‘private’ information Kendrick claims he has about Drake is nothing but what Drake wants to feed him. Kendrick’s moles in Drake’s camp are set by Drake himself because Drake is a seasoned war general who plans his moves three steps ahead.

We plotted for a week and then we fed you the information
A daughter that’s eleven years old, I bet he takes it

In these lines, Drake says he masterminded the idea of a ‘hidden daughter’ and fed it to Kendrick’s camp. K Dot gobbled it up and spat it up in the “Meet the Grahams” diss track. Drake says he even thought of planting a fake name and a location for Kendrick to bite on.

The cover art for the “Meet the Grahams” track was allegedly a leaked picture from Drake’s father’s suitcase. The picture included prescription drug capsules, jewelry receipts, and gloves. Drake says that he planted this image to be leaked as well.

Why is she following Dave Free and not Mr. Morale?

The above diss is directed toward Whitney Alford, Kendric’s fiance. It has long been rumored that one of the children of Kendrick and Whitney was fathered by Kendrick’s right-hand man Dave Free. To add fuel to the fire, Whitney Alford is following Dave Free on Instagram and not Kendric Lamar. Drake questioned Whitney and Kendrick’s legitimacy on his diss “Family Matters” but hasn’t gotten a response yet.

Dave leaving heart emojis underneath pics of the child

To add more fuel to the fire, Drake is questioning why Dave Free is leaving heart emojis on pictures of Kendrick’s kids.

While Drake is talking about children, he wants to address Kendrick’s allegations of his involvement in sexual acts with minors. Drake says he was anticipating this angle of attack for some reason. But he also outright denies all these accusations and says they are fabricated lies.

Drake also references Kendrick’s 2022 track “Mother I Sober,” in which Kendrick touches on the topic of not being molested by his cousin at a younger age. Drake flips this over and says Kendrick is projecting his own insecurities and trauma on Drake now. Had Drake been involved in any underage sexual drama, he says he is too famous to get away with such a damnation.

Drake, again, brings up his allegation that Dave Free had sex with Kendrick’s fiance and bore a child to him. Drizzy thinks Kendrick is fully aware of this reality and must be deeply hurt by this. He prays Kendrick recovers from both his childhood trauma and his wife’s infidelity.

Drake also seemingly addresses public accusations of him grooming actress Millie Bobby Brown when she was only 14 years old. Drake confirms that he never had any wrong intentions when he made a friend out of Millie Bobby Brown in 2018.

Further down the verse, Drake accuses Kendrick of backing X(XX)Tentacio and R. Kelly when their music was removed from Spotify. Both of these artists have been accused of domestic abuse and child sex allegations respectively. Drake questions Kendrick’s morals for defending these two artists and his audacity to call him out as a pedophile.

The end of the verse has Drake offering Whitney Alford ‘favors’ since her man is absent from the scene. Drake tells her that she can hit him up anytime she wants and he will hit her back. ‘Hit’ here refers to messaging back and forth. However, Drake takes it one step further and says him hitting back will be much safer than Kendrick hitting her, implying that Kendrick is physically abusive and literally beats her up.

In the outro to the track, Drake talks to Kendrick Lamar. Drake tells Kendrick to stop with the lies and bring some actual facts to the battle.

Does Kendrick need a fact check? Who is winning the rap beef so far? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below. Read the complete lyrics to the song on Genius.

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