selena gomez bad liar music video review

Selena Gomez Plays Triple Roles in “Bad Liar” Music Video (Review)

Once in a while inspiration hits the artists and directors of the videos and something really creative drops out. That is what we can say about the brand new “Bad Liar” music video by Selena Gomez. It is so good that it has accumulated over 3.7 million views on YouTube alone under 10 hours of release.

“Bad Liar” music video has Selena Gomez playing three roles. She is the awkward high school teenager who gets knocked down by other popular girls in school. She also plays the blonde mom of that awkward teenager. Then we see her casting for the male teacher who flirts with the mom and goes home with her. Obviously the teen Selena Gomez doesn’t like the fact that her teacher is dating her mom. But as she says “I see how your attention builds” with the mom.

The music video has been Jesse Peretz.

Watch Selena Gomez in “Bad Liar” Music Video

We have done a full lyrics review of the song if you are interested.

It would be justifiable to call this a cinematography rather than a music video, since there is a story and a plot involved and there is a lot of acting. Selena Gomez does some brilliant acting in this video-especially with the role of the dad and the disturbed teen girl.

Anyway, we are hooked with the song and the music video.

What are your thoughts on the video and the song? Can Selena Gomez be more lovable than right now!

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