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Miley Cyrus Premiers Beach-Themed “Malibu” Song & Music Video (Review)

It seems like Miley Cyrus is taking a different approach to her ‘Bangerz’ days, now that she has released this brand new song “Malibu” which is nothing like how she used to be just a year ago. The “Wrecking Ball” singer has a completely different persona in this new track which takes us to some amazing natural locations, maybe in Malibu.

Miley Cyrus looks happy and at peace in the music video which features some beautiful waterfalls, hills and plains and of course the beach. Miley is also seen cuddling her dog.

Watch “Malibu” Music Video by Miley Cyrus

You can download this new track on iTunes and Amazon.

It is unclear if the song is part of a new album, as an album is due from Miley quite soon.

We watched the sun go down as we were walking
I’d spent the rest of my life standing here talking
You would explain the current, as I try to smile
Hoping that you’ll stay the same, and nothing will change
And it’ll be us, just for a while
Do we even exist?

“Malibu” is a feel-good song and with that refreshing music video, it gets the job done.

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