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DNCE Premiers “Kissing Strangers” Video with A Lot of Making Out

DNCE made a pretty big comeback with their latest sensation “Kissing Strangers” which has been repeating on radio stations around the world. The single premiered with an adorable lyric video which featured dogs. Now, we have the official music video for the song and we honestly believe the lyric video is better.

The new “Kissing Strangers” music video includes Joe Jonas getting lost in the music and transitioning into another reality where everything is a party. Towards the beginning of the video there’s a lot of kissing between strangers which kind of goes along with the theme of the song.

Nicki Minaj appears towards the middle of the video and she almost kisses Joe Jonas.

Watch “Kissing Strangers” Music Video

The party is retro themed and they play spin-the-bottle like it’s 1980’s. And they get to kiss some stranger when the bottle points at them.

After the party, they all go home like responsible adults. Good job, Joe Jonas or Marc Klasfeld who directed the music video. This is like the exact opposite kinda party shown in “Still Got Time” music video by Zayn.

In conclusion, I would say, “Kissing Strangers” is quite a mild song and a video and we could be proud of it. What are your thoughts on the song and the video?


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