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Taylor Swift’s Snake Video Gets a Trilogy – “Attack of the Snake”

On a very ordinary Monday (21/08), Taylor Swift decided to stir the music world by releasing a short video clip. The video was of a snake tail and it was so unlike Taylor Swift, that it spurred so many rumors. Then Taylor Swift went offline for another 24 hours. On Tuesday (22/08), Taylor Swift returned to social media to release another wiggling clip of the snake. By then, the speculations were getting out of hand. Some said it was a snake, some said it was a shadow snake and some predicted it was a dragon due to the scales on its body. Today (23/08), Taylor Swift continued the snake video saga and released which we assume is the last part of the video.

This 10 second clip released today shows the part of the snake that we were hoping to see-the head. Throughout the short clip, we see a ferocious snake hissing and attacking the viewer.

Watch Taylor Swift’s Third Snake Video

The snake seems to be very angry and very anxious to attack the viewer. This could be Taylor Swift sending out a message to all her haters.

Why the Snake?

Taylor Swift has been called a snake countless times throughout her career. After the Taylor and Kanye backlash at VMAs 8 years ago, Kanye’s 2016 track “Famous” brought some shade to Miss Swift. The song says “For all my Southside niggas that know me best/ I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ I made that bitch famous,” referring to the VMAs incident that made a massive wave of uproar in the industry. After the “Famous” track release, several parties confirmed that Taylor previously approved of the lyrics except for the “bitch” word. Kanye says otherwise. The loyal wife of Kanye-Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to express her opinion:

And so begins the saga of the snake.

According to the folklore on the streets, being called a snake is being called a backstabber or a liar or someone who can’t be trusted. Snakes have a split tongue, which usually identified to be someone without one word. So if Taylor Swift did approve of all the lyrics to “Famous” and then disagree, it would be justified to call a snake. What truly happened, we will never know. Hence, sparked the backdrop for the snake video.

Feud With Calvin Harris?

The short lived relationship between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris sparked so many rumors as well. The duo seemed to be so in love, which resulted in “This is What You Came For” hit single co-written by Taylor Swift. She wrote the song under a pseudonym, hence the real identity of the co-writer was kept a secret for a long time. After the big revelation, Calvin Harris lost his temper and took to Twitter to launch a series of hate tweets (since then deleted) about Taylor’s camp trying to make him look bad and undermine his work.

But later on, Calvin Harris apologized to Taylor and the public and made up, ending his rant with the following Tweet.


So, no snake video content here…

Feud with Katy Perry?

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have a long standing rivalry after a claim that Taylor tried to steal Perry’s backup dancers during her tour and sabotage her tour. Katy Perry’s latest hit single “Swish Swish” might be hinting at Taylor Swift with a reference of a ‘sheep’ dressed in wolf’s costume. “A tiger/Don’t lose no sleep/Don’t need opinions/From a shellfish or a sheep…” says Katy Perry in the single.

Back in 2014, when the rivalry was at it’s peak, Katy Perry Tweeted the following clearly hinting at Taylor;

In case you wondered who Regina George was;

Regina George is the lead antagonist of the movie Mean Girls. She is portrayed by Rachel McAdams. Regina is a character that is controlling, deceiving, belittling and mean, capable of doing everything in her power to get what she wants. – Wikia

However, since the release of Katy Perry’s 2017 album ‘Witness’ she has been publicly speaking about coming to peace with Taylor Swift. The fact that Taylor Swift made all her albums stream-able on Spotify on the exact same day as the release of the above album, might have nudged Katy to make this decision.

Still, this was all about sheep. No snakes to be found. But the attributes of a snake can be found in all these instances. So the “snake” emoji was used in general to target Taylor Swift.

And finally you have awoken the sleeping snake and its furious.

Predictions for TS6?

If the third snake video is of any hint to what’s to come in Taylor Swift’s upcoming 2017 album, a lot of people will get served. If it becomes an album of revenge, now you know which people to blame. Although a completely cynical and dark album is unlikely of Taylor Swift, let us just hold our breaths for a few more days in hope for the first single release.

In the meantime, enjoy this cute snake emoji below.


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