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Zayn Premiers “Too Much” Ft. Timbaland (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Zayn is on a role leading to the release of his highly anticipated second studio album, which is yet to be titled. The brand new single “Too Much” comes right after the release of “Let Me,” “Sour Diesel” and “Entertainer” tracks from his upcoming album. Just yesterday, Zayn released an amazing cover of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley. However, the new single has Zayn working along with the famed producer-Timbaland.

“Too Much” is an upbeat ballad about Zayn’s romantic affairs or rather romantic problems. He compares them to “addictions” and wonders why it is so. Both Zayn and Timbaland contribute in vocals and lyric composition for the track, whereas the exclusive producer is Timbaland himself.

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The YouTube audio clip released today, features an animation of Zayn dancing to the beat while Timbaland plays the song on massive speakers in his lowrider car.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Too Much”

Verse 1

The first verse of “Too Much” speaks about the lifestyle of Zayn. It cannot be easy being a superstar of the magnitude of Zayn, especially if you are preparing for an album release. His mind is sidetracked, he has no leave from work, and on top of it all, time flies. So, it must be really hard for him to keep a relationship going. This should be the story of 99% of the superstars and the reason behind many failed relationships and marriages.


Timbaland joins in on “Too Much” with vocals in these lyrics. His edited voice speaks about the aftereffects of the circumstances laid out in the first verse.

He is addicted to having it all. He wanted the fame, the women, the money and an easy life. But soon he learns that he cannot have everything in life. It’s a sacrifice. However, when you have to please millions of fans, it is easy to forget about the most important fan in your life.


Zayn and Timbaland set into a self-realization journey. They realize that they cannot have everything in life at once. One has to give up to make room for the other. Now Zayn needs some love, and he is willing to give something up for it.

Chorus 2

In these lyrics of “Too Much,” Zayn regrets some things he did in his previous relationships that did not work in his favor. Keeping his relationships secretive is something he believes that turned against his favor. But he is so devastated that he doubts himself as to what he did wrong or even right.


Zayn goes into a confessional tone in these lyrics and professes his wrongdoings in the past relationships. Games played, white lies, snakes (often portraying betrayal) and even backstabbing? His previous relationships have not taken good turns. So, it comes with little wonder that he is desperate for a real relationship.

Zayn and Timbaland’s fusion is a unique mix of vocal and production on “Too Much.” This track gives us hopes on more amazing collaborations on the second studio album by Zayn.

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Full Lyrics to “Too Much” by Zayn and Timbaland


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