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Drake – Nonstop (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Nonstop” is the sixth single off of Drake’s 2018 album ‘Scorpion.’ He uses this track to demonstrate his musical skills and speak about the competition in the industry. This track is produced by Tay Keith, and their second collaboration together. The first time was on “Look Alive” which gained quite a reputation.

The official music video for “Nonstop” was released today and contains footage from Drake’s performance in London. The video also goes backstage to show some behind the scenes action-the jitters and motivation before the start of the concert. Some other scenes have been recorded at the Ritz Carlton hotel in London. The video is directed by Theo Skudra.

“Nonstop” single follows “God’s Plan,” “I’m Upset,” “Nice for What,” “Don’t Matter to Me” and “In My Feelings” singles from the album.

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After a solemn-line shoutout to Tay Keith-the producer of the track-Drake goes into a rap frenzy on “Nonstop.”

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Nonstop”

Verse 1

Drake goes into berzerk mode in the lyrics to follow-not with pace, but good, smooth flow.

He starts off by saying that he “flipped a switch,” possibly referencing to the fact that he has turned a bit more aggressive in his lyrics. However, it could also mean that he flipped a switch towards stardom. This is also supported by the next line, in which he says that he does not know anyone else handling the music game like he does. This is true, as pretty much all songs with the Drake touch has come above top 10 in charts around the world. With the ‘Scorpion’ album release, Drake broke the Spotify streaming record held by Post Malone with his album ‘beerbongs & bentleys,’ by almost twice the streams.

Drake also shouts out to his hometown Toronto often resembled by the letter “6.” But, he also makes some unorthodox connections between himself and LeBron James the basketball player. LeBron wore number ‘6’ jersey with Miami Heat and once he switched to Cleveland Cavaliers he wore number ’23.’ LeBron is often considered the G.O.A.T. in recent basketball history, so we can see Drake placing himself in the leagues of LeBron when it comes to music.

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Drake takes the stones thrown at him and makes a nice wall around himself in the last lines of the first verse of “Nonstop.” Drake says he is as dark as an African American although his skin color is light. This probably refers to his feud with Kanye when he called Drake a ‘light skin’ in “No Mistakes.”

Drake also makes resolutions with himself saying that he is what he is and he won’t have time to correct other people for their misunderstandings of him.

Verse 2

Drake speaks about his business at the start. He says that his DJ-Future The Prince is managing the business aspect of music for him. Olliver El-Khatib is running the October’s Very Own AKA OVO label for him. An owl is the logo of OVO. He also says that he is easily making $2 million a ‘pop’ which may refer to a gig at a concert. But it could be his income from singles as well-especially considering singles such as “In My Feelings” which went viral.

Drake also speaks about the support he has received from Lord for his nonstop success so far. He mentions this on “God’s Plan” as well.

Another boss lyric on “Nonstop” is when he says that both hands are upper hands for him. Which essentially means that whatever the situation is, it turns out or he makes the best out of it. He continues to mention is super-luxury wrist watch Richard Mille (RM 38-01) – Bubba Watson Edition, which costs well over $200,000. Drake does live in a mansion in London that compares to the royal palace-Buckingham.

Drake talks about money spent on revenge as money well spent. He recently released “Duppy Freestyle” targeting Pusha-T. This single’s production would have easily been compensated by its sales. Hence, Drake makes profits off of his feuds as well.

The latter part of the second verse talks about the losses Drake had while becoming a superstar in the industry. The friends he had back when he was little-time are no more. They see the success he has become and hate on that. But Drake is done trying to level with them. He just has to say “f with them” and continue his journey representing the ‘6.’


‘Smoking the chicken’ is slang for inhaling crack cocaine. The head-spinning he is talking about is supporting this meaning.

Rollie is short for Rolex wristwatches and he says it is no stopwatch. The grind is real and it never stops, which paves the way for the title of the song.

“Nonstop” is possibly one of the better hard-hitting and smooth-flowing tracks on Drake’s new album. It is just the right amount of aggressive so that it probably won’t provocate any ugly feuds anymore.

These are our thoughts on the latest single “Nonstop” by Drake. We would love to hear your opinion on the song, lyrics, and the music video. Take to the comments section to leave your thoughts with us on any of the above.

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Full Lyrics to “Nonstop” by Drake


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