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Nicki Minaj – Barbie Dreams (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

While Nicki Minaj has dropped her latest album ‘Queen’ a week early, the fire that the album has caused has only begun to spread. First, we looked at one of the hottest tracks on the album, “Majesty” featuring his eminence Eminem and Labrinth. Now, we are up for the second hottest track on ‘Queen.’ This time, Nicki goes solo as she pays tribute to one of the G.O.A.T.s of the industry-The Notorious BIG or BIGGIE. “Barbie Dreams” also references a lot of her friends from the industry to tell them no one is on par with the legends of the game.

“Barbie Dreams” has already stirred up quite the controversy as she mentions a few names from the industry in the song. However, she took to social media to explain that all was with good intent and she meant no disrespect to anyone.

Speaking to Beats 1, Nicki Minaj explained the inspiration behind “Barbie Dreams.”

“Shout outs to B.I.G. you are still inspiring rappers every day. This man is still inspiring me every day. He’s one of the first rappers who had a sense of humor. I love dope writers who can write bars and make you laugh. Eminem too. I think humour shows a person’s IQ and wittiness.” – Nicki Minaj

“Barbie Dreams” is Nicki Minaj’s response to The Notorious BIG’s track “Just Playing (Dreams)” from 1994.

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Who are the artists mentioned in “Barbie Dreams?”

There is a quite lengthy list of names appearing on different verses of the song. Lil Wayne (Weezy), Dave East, Slim Jxmmi, Swae Lee, 5o Cent, Karrueche Tran (model), Quavo, Bow Wow, Fetty Wap, Drake, Meek Mill, Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, Desiigner, Mike Tyson (athlete), Young M.A., Odell Beckham (NFL athlete), Yo Gotti, Future, DJ Khaled, YG, The Game, Tekashi 6ix9ine, Eminem and Rick Rubin are mentioned and described in the lyrics.

The Notorious BIG’s “Just Playing (Dreams)” also takes the same theme of describing different female artists whom he has a crush on.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Barbie Dreams”


The song starts off with an ode to The Notorious BIG.

Verse 1

Nicki Minaj goes from talking about the families of Lil Wayne and Dave East to Slim Jxmmi and Swae Lee (the latter duo combined as Rae Sremmurd) about all-night sex. Swae Lee is also featured on “Chun Swae” track on ‘Queen’ album.

Next Nicki moves to 50 Cent to shout out to his TV show ‘Power’ on Starz TV. She also references the G-Unit members Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo as drug dealers, along with 50 Cent, which has been proven true. 50 Cent responded to “Barbie Dreams” lyrics on Twitter.

Then Nicki Minaj gets into the love-triangle of model Karrueche Tran, Migos member Quavo and herself. Karrueche split with Quavo in 2017 and rumors spread that Nicki was dating him in 2018.

The ‘Bow Wow Challenge‘ started when Bow Wow was caught lying about flying on a private jet, when in fact he flew in a commercial airline. A viral challenge started where people would post something fake when the original is a much better alternative.

“Barbie Dreams” turn next to Drake and she is not letting him off easy. She acknowledges that Drake is worth 100 million, but he is a sensitive person. A lot of Drake’s initial work related to him being open about his feelings. And Nicki wonders if she is sexually aroused with all his success or if he is crying on her privates! Savage!


The chorus is an interpolation of The Notorious BIG’s “Just Playing (Dreams)” track.

Verse 2

Nicki Minaj takes a jab at Desiigner who had global hits such as “Panda” and “Timmy Turner.” Nicki Minaj asks if Desiigner is out of ‘special education’ classes, building on the premise that people have doubts about Desiigner’s mentality.

She also brings in Mike Tyson-the professional world champion boxer who bit off a part of the ear of his opponent, Evander Holyfield, in a match now known as ‘The Bite Fight.’

Odell Beckham becomes a point of her vicious raps on “Barbie Dreams.” The NFL athlete recorded himself taking part in the #InMyFeelings challenge done to Drake’s song.

Watch NSFW “Barbie Dreams” Music Video

Nicki Minaj says that she has no business with DJ Khaled. In a leaked interview clip, DJ Khaled was caught saying that he does not perform oral sex on his wife. Nicki turns this to her favor and says no man is telling her that they are not performing oral sex on her.

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The final lyrics of the second verse talk about Nicki Minaj and Eminem playing house in the ‘Barbie Dreamhouse.’ But Nicki asks Eminem to get a proper house like one of the barbie’s before she moves in with him. Eminem has publicly admitted having grown up in trailer parks.

Verse 3

For the first time in “Barbie Dreams,” Nicki’s attention sways away from the artists and athletes.

She talks about her success and the student scholarship fund she has started. She also talks about the ‘yellow brick road’ from The Wizard of Oz. However, she could be referencing to Em’s track “Yellow Brick Road” as well.

The 12-cylinder coupe reference is for Nicki’s Bentley Continental GT car.

“L’chaim” is a greeting in Hebrew which translates to “(toast) to life” and Nicki toasts to the infamous Jewish producer Rick Rubin, who has worked with many legends of the industry.

The lyrics go back and forth on sexual acts and remarks on artists and her life alike. “Barbie Dreams” is not really a diss track, but more of a ‘funny’ rap verse with a sting. Most of the artists mentioned are friends of Nicki (so far) and she has been careful enough to not include any feuds in the mix.

We thoroughly enjoyed listening to and writing about this song by Nicki Minaj and now it is your turn to voice your opinion. Let us know what you think about “Barbie Dreams” lyrics and your interpretation of the song.

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