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Denace Replies with “Life After Death” to MGK’s “Rap Devil” Diss on Eminem

Dennis Maniatakis AKA Denace is an upcoming artist from Athens, Greece. The 33-year-old artist has been known to come up with quality bars and rhymes. His most prominent work so far has been “Farewell” and “Drinking About You.” He is also known to sound fairly similar to Eminem, much like he says in “Guess Who (Eminem Wannabe)” single.

On the other end of the hip-hop spectrum, a cold war is brewing up between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly. Eminem first called out MGK on “Not Alike” for his diss on “Rap God” back in 2013. For this, MGK dropped a whole new song titled “Rap Devil (Eminem Diss)” just 3 days after the surprise album ‘Kamikaze’ by Eminem. In the new diss track MGK comes down heavily on Eminem mocking on his weakening musical skills and even his height and fashion choices. Eminem is yet to respond to this.

While the final showdown is impending, Denace took the battle to his own hands to release his reply to MGK titled “Life After Death.” Released just after 8 hours since “Rap Devil” diss was released, Denace gets in some big shots in between some good bars.

“but subway needs a new pedo i heard jareds gone
put that in your file, you child molestor”

The above lines are in reference to MGK calling Eminem’s daughter “hot as f*ck” in 2012. At the time Hailie Mathers was 16 years old.

“i just know he murdered you and your ghost responded after”

The 1 minute 40 second diss track is a high-energy slap back at Machine Gun Kelly.

It seems as if Machine Gun Kelly is chewing more than he could bite. He has an ongoing feud with G-Eazy, while he is starting one with Eminem. He might even have to take on Denace considering that he shot some heavy artillery.

Listen to “Life After Death” by Denace

What do you think about Denace and his reply diss track “Life After Death?” We believe he could have a fighting chance with MGK. Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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