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Eminem Battles Hate in New “Fall” Music Video (Review)

The first ever visuals from Eminem’s new album ‘Kamikaze’ has dropped. Eminem took to social media to announce the release of the music video for “Fall” song from the new and surprise album which released on August 31st.

Much of the new album ‘Kamikaze‘ is dedicated to burying the no-good rappers and artists who destroyed the art of hip-hop in modern times. Em also uses this album to address his haters who have been heavily criticizing his 2017 album ‘Revival.’ The theme for the song and music video for “Fall” is to address the landslides of negative critics received on this album.

Eminem is seen being chased by a shadowy figure who is born out of the public hate. The figure grows with increasing hate and chases Eminem. The “Rap God” tries to hide and run away from this demon chasing him. But soon he realizes that this demon is part of him. He stops and absorbs the critique. Then we see the birth of a new Eminem-with black eyes-as evident from the new album ‘Kamikaze.’

Watch “Fall” Music Video by Eminem

One other significant moment in the “Fall” music video is when the new-reborn Eminem walks over a CD of ‘Revival’ album. Is Eminem himself denouncing his own album? Is he agreeing with the critics? Or does he not give a damn about the ‘Revival’ past and will move forward at any cost?

You can read the full lyrics analysis of “Fall” here. Although other songs in the album focus on attacking the people and artists who have taken shots at Em in the past, this song focuses on reassuring himself and the Stans that he will not fall in front of hate.

The new music video tries to emphasize that a new Eminem is born. A dark-eyed and ferocious looking Rap God has birthed out of hate and criticism. This might not have been the best time for MGK to start a feud with Eminem. There might be a bigger threat in town than “Rap Devil.”

Despite the brewing hot waters on the MGK front, Eminem might be focused on promoting his new album. We might or might not see this new version of Eminem really coming out and responding to MGK.

Stay tuned with us to know the latest news on Eminem and his music.

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