jessie reyez f*** being friends single lyrics review

Jessie Reyez Premier “F*** Being Friends” Single (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Jessie Reyez has been producing new tracks ever so often, and the latest addition to her catalog is “F*** Being Friends.” Her recent work includes “Body Count,” “Sola” and “Apple Juice.” However, she recently collaborated with Eminem on his new album ‘Kamikaze‘ on two songs “Nice Guy” and “Good Guy.”

The latest single “F*** Being Friends” is a boppy and hip track that has some very explicit lyrics, as is the style of Reyez. The song, written by Jessie Reyez and Tim Suby, speaks about how her phony boyfriend does not want to take their relationship to the next level.

Jessie Reyez’s hit collab “Hard to Love” with Calvin Harris has a similar theme to this song.

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The song appears in Jessie’s upcoming second EP ‘Being Human in Public.’

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “F*** Being Friends”

Verse 1

Jessie Reyez explains how girls (“we”) are not scared to take a relationship to the next level. But, on the other end, boys only want sex. This particular one whom she is in a relationship is backing down when it comes to serious talks. Jessie questions why guys behave like this!


In the chorus, Jessie says her heart beats better than her drive for sex, and he should appreciate that. The singer believes the smart move from here would be to say the words and seal the deal. But the guy is not ‘sure-footed.’ Reyez rephrases this as “pu*sy-footing.” This new word is going to stick!

The singer knows the guy loves her because he shows signs of affection unintentionally. He gets worried when other guys hit up this girls’ phone. He knows they want a piece of her, and he gets jealous. She knows he is stuck with her. So, she questions why is he trying to act cool!

Verse 2

He is in her bed, and the singer believes this is out of love. At one point, the singer was doing well on her own, and this dude happened. Both caught feelings and now they are stuck on to each other. But this dude backs up when it comes to acknowledging that he loves her.

Jessie Reyez’s music has been very entertaining and thrilling to listen and review so far. This new single, with very explicit lyrics, is the same.

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Full Lyrics to “F*** Being Friends” by Jessie Reyez


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