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Eminem Calls MGK’s “Rap Devil” Diss ‘Pitiful’ in Interview with Sway (Pt 2)

In the previous sit down, Eminem talked about the making of ‘Kamikaze‘ and the events leading to the surprise release of the album.

In the second edition of the interview of Eminem with Sway Calloway on Shade 45, the duo talks about the ongoing beefs.

Eminem talks about how he helped Slaughterhouse come up using Em’s spotlight and then Joe Budden uses his platform to trash Eminem. Em also says that he truly believed Slaughterhouse, including Joe Budden, would become a super rap group with immense lyrical skills. However, disagreements within the group lead to the fall out of the group.

Further, Eminem clears the comments made by Joe Budden that Eminem and Paul Rosenberg stole a majority of the money made off of Slaughterhouse albums. But Eminem says that as much as it pains him to say this, but the Slaughterhouse’s second album only sold 200,000 copies in the US were not commercially successful to even cover the costs of the first album that only sold 74,000 copies. He also says that it wasn’t about money for Em with Slaughterhouse;

“I wanted a group that lyrical, to f*cking just, bust through everything…”

Slaughterhouse’s first self-titled studio album only sold 74,000 copies in the US, which could be considered a flop. Also, their third studio album ‘Glass House’ will not be released as per Joe Budden, after the band disbanded in April 2018.

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Sway clears the air on MGK’s line on “Rap Devil” on how he cannot get on Shade 45 because of Eminem. There is a certain truth behind this statement, but at that point, Eminem and MGK were beefing. Hence, MGK was not invited to be on Shade 45 until the discrepancy is cleared between him and Em.

Eminem goes on to explain how the MGK-Eminem rivalry came to be. Eminem says he was not aware that MGK trash-mouthed about Eminem’s daughter Hailie until almost a year and a half after the incident. It just never hit Em’s radar, until he saw it later on YouTube several years later.

However, Eminem says the whole incident with Hailie is not even the reason why he dissed MGK on “Not Alike” track on ‘Kamikaze.’ The reason why Em got ballistic about MGK is that MGK talked trash about Eminem on a few of his tracks. MGK has rapped that Eminem is trying to hinder his career. Eminem’s response to this:

“Like I give a f*ck about his career. You think I actually think about you? You know how many, f*cking rappers are better than you? You’re not even in the f*cking conversation. I dont care if you f*cking blow or if you don’t blow. Doesn’t matter to me…”

Later, Eminem says that his diss on “Not Alike” was a response to MGK’s trash talks on Em all these years.

Also, Eminem says he really has to think twice about responding to MGK’s “Rap Devil,” as these kinds of feuds just bring an unnecessary spotlight on to the other artist.

Sway asks if Eminem has listened to “Rap Devil” diss by MGK. He replies; “I heard it. It’s not bad for him. He has some good lines in it.”

Lastly, Eminem says that he has to think about replying to these response disses that are popping up. If everybody whose name is mentioned on ‘Kamikaze’ comes up with a response, Eminem would be replying to all of them back and forth for the next five years. And nobody wants that.

Listen to Eminem Talk about Joe Budden and MGK Beef in New Interview

In the third part of the interview, Eminem talks about Dre’s influence on ‘Kamikaze’ and his disagreements on a song that ‘went too far’ from the album.

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