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Donald Trump’s Love for Taylor Swift Drops by 25% Following Political Post

Taylor Swift’s first ever political statement got the attention of the US President Donald Trump today. Last night, Taylor Swift took to Instagram to let out her opinions on the upcoming midterm election in November-18. In this, first-ever, political post, the ‘Reputation’ singer gave her reasons for her favouritism of two Democratic Party politicians-Phil Bredesen, candidate for Senate, and Jim Cooper for the US House. In a lengthy caption, the Popstar explained why her vote favoured for these two candidates over anyone else.

The media caught President Trump as he was walking into a conference and questioned about Taylor Swift’s intervention into the political arena. “Taylor Swift jumping into politics, what do you have to say?” Obviously, Trump was unaware of Taylor’s Instagram post and questioned, “and what did she say?” To this, the reporter answered, “she said she wants people to vote for Democrats…and not Marsha Blackburn.” Donald Trump had a disappointed look in his face and went on to support his congresswoman, Marsha Blackburn, praising her ‘tremendous’ job in the state of Tennessee.

Next, President went on to make a comic comment about Taylor Swift voicing her support for Democrats. “Let’s say I like Taylor’s music about 25% less now, OK?”

Taylor’s sudden outburst on her political opinions has sparked many rumours of a possible income to politics by the Popstar. However, this is very unlikely as she is fully focused on her music and appreciates her private time. As evident by Taylor’s post, she wanted to educate the young people, especially new voters, on making the right decision when it comes to picking the politician to lead the state.

There may be several backlashes against this support of Democrats by Taylor Swift, but it seems as if she needed to get this message out. And by the power of Taylor Swift, she spiked the voter registrations in the state of Tennessee and nationwide as well.

Taylor Swift is a real force to reckon with!

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