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Watch Rihanna Premier “American Oxygen” at March Madness Festival

A couple of weeks ago we were teased with a brand new song by Rihanna from the March Madness trailer. The teaser clip was very short, but it showed great promise. It is also rumored to be a track from Rihanna’s upcoming album ‘R8’.

Last night Rihanna performed the full “American Oxygen” track live during the March Madness music festival. And it was all sorts of epicness. Watch the song premier below.


A lot of people on YouTube seem to believe that Rihanna has bad vocals. I don’t know if they were born yesterday, or if they have never heard a song by Rihanna before. This was a live show, an open theater too. Sounds won’t be exquisite, and Rihanna sang over a recording. So things aren’t that smooth in this live debut of “American Oxygen.” But she is definitely one of the better vocalists we have in the industry right now.

Anyway, we are excited for the upcoming album.

Leave a comment if you think ‘R8’ will be another multi-platinum hit.

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