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Raging House Party in “Mia” While Drake and Bad Bunny Sing in Spanish (Review)

“Mia” is the much anticipated Bad Bunny x Drake collaboration, ever since it was teased on Bad Bunny’s Instagram handle in January 2018. The new single and video released it guaranteed to be a massive hit as the video has raked over 10 million views within 24 hours of release on YouTube alone.

In “Mia,” Bad Bunny and Drake talk about this girl who is the centre of attention anywhere she goes. Both artists remind her that she can tease all she wants, but she belongs to them only. ‘Mia’ stands for ‘mine’ in English, which stands for the theme of the song.

The music video released for “Mia” shows a raging house party. Hot women all around, smoking, boozing and dancing in sexy outfits. The video does not focus on one woman, as the title would suggest, but shows a series of hot women partying it up.

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One other speciality of this song would be that Canadian-native Drake is performing his entire lyrics in Spanish, up to par with Bad Bunny.

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The lyrics to the song speak of the infatuation of these two singers for this woman. To them, she is the apple of their eyes. Her body, the way she talks and walks, have got them vexed. It is quite clear that both Drake and Bad Bunny have no good intentions with this woman, as they say, “I’m your Romeo, but not Santos.” ‘Santos’ is ‘saint’ in Spanish.

Do let us know what you think about this hot new collaboration between Bad Bunny and Drake. We think they clicked superbly on this track. Would you like to see more? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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