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Watch Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” Video Teaser with Troye Sivan, Colleen and Gabi DeMartino

Ariana Grande’s massive breakup single is getting a much-deserved music video. “thank u, next” spoke about what Ariana Grande learnt from her past relationships and how she is looking forward for the next-no hard feelings. The 25-year-old Pop star referenced the popular movie Mean Girls to portray what the upcoming music video is all about.

We find ourselves with a 40-second teaser clip including several voice cuts by fans. They all talk about Ariana Grande and her influence on them-not necessarily good ones either. The sequence is similar to how the students of North Shore High explain their obsession over the meanest girl in school-Regina George played by Rachel McAdams.

“Ariana Grande told me my hair looked sexy pushed back. She’s not wrong,” says Jonathan Bennett, who played the role of Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls.

“Ariana broke off an engagement, so I found a guy to propose to me. And I broke off an engagement!” says actress Stefanie Drummond again from Mean Girls.

Not only the Mean Girls cast but also Ariana’s friend-Troye Sivan makes an appearance on this cameo to spread some gossip; “heard she’s a lesbian now and dating some chick called Aubrey. It’s f—ing sick.”

Gabi DeMartino-a YouTube star-features in the teaser clip saying “Ariana says ‘honest to God knock me out,’ so I decided to punch myself in the face. It was…awesome.” She created an Ariana Grande-makeup transformation video on YouTube.

We have a good feeling about the “thank u, next” music video coming up. Watch the teaser clip+listen to the song below. Leave a comment after the clip.

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