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Jessie Reyez Buries Eminem in New “Good Guy” Music Video

Just a few hours ago, Eminem announced on social media that “Good Guy” music video is set to be released tonight. As promised, a brand new music video for this ‘Kamikaze‘ album song is out on YouTube now. The special thing about “Good Guy” is that it features the young and talented Jessie Reyez, who also has a song called “Nice Guy” with Eminem on the same album.

Eminem talked about how he came across Jessie Reyez and what motivated him to work with her in an interview after album launch. They clicked so well that they went on to produce two songs together for ‘Kamikaze’ alone.

The new video for “Good Guy” is nothing easy on the eyes. We see a violence-filled story from the start till the end, and we would not expect anything less from the Rap God and one of the most brutally honest teenage singers in the business. We see Jessie and Eminem going at each other’s throats as a couple, and in the end Eminem bites the dust.

Watch “Good Guy” Music Video by Eminem and Jessie Reyez

Interestingly enough, we see Jessie Reyez climbing out from underneath the soil at the beginning of the video. She walks into a mansion, with hatred in her eyes. Then we see Eminem making pouring himself a bowl of cereal. Then begins the war. Jessie Reyez jumpt at Em’s throat and Em tries to defend himself. But Jessie finds herself a kitchen knife and stabs Eminem with it. Running upstairs, both crash through a window and land flat on asphalt floor. Eminem is clutching on to his life and Jessie delivers the final blow. In the final eerie sequence of “Good Guy,” we see Jessie Reyez dumping Em’s body in the same pit in the ground she crawled out of. Deep down she still loves him. So Jessie also crawls beside the body bag in the pit and weeps.

The song paints a picture about a disturbing relationship status, quite similar to that portrayed in the video. Jessie’s verses from the song explains her behaviour;

“You can’t beat a cheater, convince a nonbeliever
And I ain’t in my feelings, I’m out
But I let you say that you’re the good guy
‘Cause this ain’t what love looks like”

“Good Guy” – Eminem Ft. Jessie Reyez

Eminem announced the release of the video with a snippet on his Instagram account.

So far, we have also seen music videos for “Venom” and “Lucky You‘ from the album. Drop a comment below on what you think about this new music video by Eminem from ‘Kamikaze’ album. 

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