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Eminem Talks About Collabs with Jessie Reyez and Influence of Dre on ‘Kamikaze’

The much anticipated third edition of the Eminem interview with Sway on Shade 45 has dropped. In the first part of the interview, the duo talked about the events leading to the surprise release of the album. For the second part, Eminem talks about his views on “Rap Devil” diss by Machine Gun Kelly and his relationship with Joe Budden. In the third episode, they talk about collaborations, Dre’s inputs on ‘Kamikaze’ and Tyler, The Creator.

Eminem Puts His Money on Jessie Reyez “Blowing Up”

Eminem talks about how he got into the collaboration with Jessie Reyez to produce two songs “Nice Guy” and “Good Guy” from ‘Kamikaze‘ album. Eminem says hearing her voice performing “Gatekeeper” on the TV and it blew his mind. He says believes “she will absolutely be huge.”

Next, Eminem and Sway talk about Dr. Dre’s influence on the album. Dre has expressed his ideas about a couple of songs on the album which are “going too far” as per his opinion. We do not get to hear which songs from the album did not make the list of Dr. Dre. Our bets are on “Kamikaze” and “The Ringer” songs. What do you think?

Then Sway brings up the topic of Trump and BET Cypher, which brutally attacked the Trump government. However, Eminem also says he regrets one line on the cypher where he says ‘if his fans are Trump supporters, that’s where he draws the line between them and himself.’ Eminem says the “whole point” behind the BET Hip Hop Cypher was not about his spitting genius bars and rhymes. It was about the message he had to get out.

Eminem Talks about Dissing Tyler, The Creator

Then they proceed to talk about the diss on Tyler, The Creator on ‘Kamikaze.’ Sway confesses that he is a huge fan of Tyler. Speaking about Tyler, The Creator, Eminem says his bad blood with Tyler isn’t as bad as the feuds with Joe Budden or MGK. Marshall also says that he second-guessed calling Tyler a “faggot” on “Fall” from the new album. Em also called out Tyler, calling him “Tyler, created nothing,” to which Tyler responded.

Bad blood between Tyler, The Creator and Eminem might cool off soon with Eminem admitting that there is a chance at redemption for both artists.

Watch the Part 3 of ‘The Kamikaze Interview’

In the fourth episode of this saga, we get to hear Eminem talking about ghostwriters and how he considers that a disgrace to being an artist.

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