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Watch Eminem Dab in New “Lucky You” Music Video with Joyner Lucas (Review)

As promised and teased on social media, Eminem has released a brand new music video from his latest album ‘Kamikaze.’ The new video for “Lucky You” features Eminem and Joyner Lucas on the vocals and visuals alike.

“Lucky You” is the third track on the new album ‘Kamikaze‘ by Eminem and features the up and coming rapper, Joyner Lucas. The song focuses on the poor state of rap and hip-hop today and both artists go ballistic on those who are responsible for this.

Eminem also attacks on mumble rappers of the industry who have been a major reason for the downgrade of quality in music in recent years. He even imitates how mumble rap’s most important beat ‘triplet flow’ sounds using words “hatata batata.” You can learn all about mumble rap in this instructional video by YouTube comedian Nigahiga.

You can read our full lyrics annotation of “Lucky You” here.

Watch “Lucky You” Music Video

The music video for “Lucky You” poses some interesting concepts too. First, we see a group of people, dressed in all black, with red lights for eyes, chasing or running somewhere. Red eyes signify danger or anger. So, our first reaction is that these people are after Eminem or Joyney Lucas, who have already begun their verses in the song.

But halfway through the song, Eminem and Lucas stop their performance completely to examine these weird group of people surrounding them. Joyner reveals that these people have been imitating their moves all this time. Then they go on to test this theory with some weird moves including dabs, break dances and even hip thrusts. The men in black follow their every move.

Are Eminem and Joyne trying to send out a message here? Those who appear as haters in the industry are actually following them? Are they mere puppets who try to mimic the likes of Eminem, Tupac, and Biggie in hopes of some limelight to their careers? You let us know what you think about the message of “Lucky You” music video in the comments below.

At the end of the song, Eminem reassures that he will not stay fallen down. He will get back on the horse and conquer the rightful rap and hip-hop throne of his in the industry. At this point, he seems to be just doing that as Eminem has debuted #1 on Billboard 200 chart with ‘Kamikaze’ and also jumped to #1 spot on Billboard Artist 100.

P.S. Joyner Lucas is very impressive on this track. Comment your thoughts on this hot-rod who is making waves in the industry.

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