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Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Cazzie David Celebrate ’20Wineteen’ New Year (Pic)

The first picture of Taylor Swift and BFF Selena Gomez surface for the new year 2019, and after a quite lenghty hiatus since 2018 as well. In the new picture, posted on Taylor Swift’s Instagram profile, Taylor and Selena are joined by a mutual friend Cazzie David, sipping white wine and having a good time, and they called it ’20wineteen.’ Why not!

The once powerful girl squad, including Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, was almost non-existent in 2018. This is mostly due to Taylor’s hectic schedule with the ‘Reputation Tour’ which was the highest grossing stadium tour of all time. In the meantime, Selena Gomez was recovering from her emotional breakdown in the latter part of 2018. However, there is hope, as she released a snippet of her ‘trying’ to make some new music.

Cazzie David is a new face that appeared in Taylor Swift’s elite BFF list. She is the daughter of popular comedian Larry David and she is a writer and an actress. More pics of Cazzie David on her Instagram handle.

Since the ‘Reputation Tour’ has come to a halt, it is likely that Taylor Swift will be spending a lot more time with her friends and her long-term boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Taylor was seen in a sexy Ariel costume with some A-listers in her new year’s party for 2019. For some reason, Selena Gomez did not appear at this party. So this could be Taylor’s way of making it up to her BFF. <3

Drop in a comment about your take on Selena Gomez and Taylor’s friendship. Isn’t that the strongest ever?

Also join hands with us to wish Selena Gomez a speedy recovery.

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