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Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation Stadium Tour’ on Netflix is the Second Best Thing

…Are You Ready For It? Taylor Swift’s massively successful Reputation Tour might have come to an end, but the excitement has not, yet. Taylor Swift teased the upcoming ‘Reputation Stadium Tour’ video on Netflix and it is finally here. If you expected ‘excellence’ you’ve got it.

We call it the second best thing only for the fact that you will not get the live experience of the Reputation Tour through this video. But if you have missed the tour, or even if you want a souvenir of the tour that you attended, this Netflix video is a must-have. Whatever the Netflix payment that you will do, will be worth it.

Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour hit the road for nearly 7 months from May 2018 to November 2018. There were 5 legs on the tour that ran through North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia. There were 53 concerts in total that earned Taylor Swift a wopping estimate of $345 million.

The ‘Reputation Stadium Tour’ includes her performance from the concert in Arlington, Texas in October 2018. This concert was attended by an estimate crowd of 105,000. The energy of Taylor Swift, after 5 months on the road, is truly unparalleled as one could witness from this performance.

On top of the hectic routine of touring across continents, Taylor Swift was down with a cold on this specific day. However, this did not stop the enthralling and high-energy performance by the superstar.

The setlist for the Reputation Tour included all of her Reputation album tracks, mixed with some of her best songs from the previous eras. “Wildest Dreams,” “Holy Ground,” “Red,” “Our Song,” “22,” “Mean,” “How You Get The Girl,” “Welcome to New York,” “Fearless,” “Ours,” “Out of the Woods,” “Breathe,” “The Story of Us,” “Speak Now,” are some of the special appearances on the tour. However, this Netflix special includes a fan-favourite: “All Too Well.” Taylor Swift announced this on her Instagram a few days back;

“All Too Well” was never a single, and it always blows my mind that it is consistently one of the loudest songs the crowd sings when I play it. Moments like this defined the Reputation Stadium Tour for me, and I can’t wait for you to see it in full starting at 12:01 AM December 31, pacific.

Taylor Swift on “All Too Well”

Taylor Swift dazzled in her glittery costumes, she danced, she sang her heart out and the crowds sang with her every song and every lyric. Some fans broke down in tears, while others screamed the songs at their loudest. There were moments of light shows and darkness on the show and Taylor Swift continued to spread the good words all throughout the world.

This 2 hour extravaganza is now available on Netflix.

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