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Ava Max Delivers a Stunning “Sweet But Psycho” Act Live on The Late Late Show

Ava Max is counting her blessings with her new single “Sweet But Psycho” released in August 2018. The singer welcomed the new year with heavy praisal and critical acclamation on the song. She also debuted a music video which featured Ava Max as a psycotic girlfriend. However, Ava spoke about the song in an interview with Idolator;

“I think for me personally, I have a lot sides to me. I think everybody has a lot of sides to them and it’s basically about a girl who’s not afraid to show all of her sides and her dualities, and about a guy loving all those sides. She’s a girl who’s misunderstood in the relationship, and she’s basically being told she’s psycho and she’s out of her mind when she’s feeling it, but really she’s an outspoken girl and she’s speaking her mind. And that’s how I am in real life.”

Ava Max on “Sweet But Psycho”

Ava Max made her television debut of the song on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night. In the music segment of live performances Ava Max owned the stage and delivered a stunning performance of her latest breakout hit at stage 56.

Just the night before, The Late Late Show premiered “More Than That” live performance by Lauren Jauregui.

Watch Ava Max Perform “Sweet But Psycho” Live on The Late Late Show


Ava Max was joined by several backup dancers on the live stage. All of the backup dancers were dressed in all-black while the singer donned herself in a bizarre mix of a white top, black lather bottoms, black gloves, and a white mesh as a skirt. It would not be a lie to call that her performance befit the theme of the song quite well.

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