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Khalid – Don’t Pretend (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Khalid just premiered the 6th pre-release from his upcoming second studio album ‘Free Spirit.’ The new song ‘Don’t Pretemd’ is all about the sufferings in a decaying relationship.

The song was first teased on the ‘Free Spirit’ shortfilm screening Khalid had on selected cinemas in the North America. According to fans who attended the event, ‘Free Spirit’ really outdoes Khalid’s debut album ‘American Teen.’ “Don’t Pretend” takes a different shape and tone than the songs we have already heard from the album such as “My Bad,” “Better,” “Talk,” “Self” and “Saturday Nights.”

“Don’t Pretend” is about Khalid’s insecurities being in a relationship with a person who has less thought of the relationship than Khalid does. The song is very relatable to many guys.

Khalid is most likely talking about a long distance relationship in this new song. Whenever he is offline, the relationship comes to a halt. Communication is the key in LDR, and that should not fail for the relationship to sustain. Eventhough Khalid has the gut feeling that this relationship is not going to work out, he still tries.

In the second verse Khalid talks how cold has the relationship has become. Khalid begins to wonder if he should man-up and end this relationship without suffering in this one-sided relationship.

“Don’t Pretend” talks a lot about the failure of communication leading to the once fiery passion of their love becoming a cold-dead trail.

‘Free Spirit’ album drops tomorrow-Aprl 5th. Make sure to grab a copy of the album tomorrow and we will be back with all the lyrics and songs from the album.

For now, enjoy the new song and let us hear what you think about this soulful creation by Khalid in the comments below.

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