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Khalid – My Bad (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Khalid’s upcoming second studio album ‘Free Spirit’ is going to be one of the most soulful releases in 2019. Ahead of the album release in April, we are blessed with a new single titled “My Bad.”

We have already heard one previous track off of the ‘Free Spirit’ album. The first single “Talk” is one of the smoothest apologetic songs we have heard in a while. The album also includes two tracks “Better” and “Saturday Nights” from his previous EP ‘Suncity.’ But, not to worry, the album has 17 songs. Khalid also announced the commencement of album pre-orders starting today.

“My Bad” may be talking about giving up on love, but Khalid does it so smoothly. These soulful lyrics have been composed by Dernst “D’Mile” Emile II and Khalid.

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In the song, we hear Khalid singing about a love that he is losing interest in. Well, the song does not explicitly say that he was in love. But she did want to be his baby. But Khalid is not having any interest on that end.

In the second verse, Khalid explains why there was no romantic affair in this relationship. For whatever the nature of relationship they had, they had been fighting and arguing. And that’s pretty bad. Fighting does mean that they care about each other. But constant fights make you think and question if their whole life is going to be like this. In such cases, sometimes, it’s better to walk away.

In thr bridge of “My Bad,” Khalid further says that he wanted to be friends with her from the start. The signs he gave were of friendship, and seems like she read the signs wrong.

And Khalid apologizes if he broke her heart saying; My bad!

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Complete Lyrics to “My Bad” by Khalid

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