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Khalid’s Video for “Talk” is a Beautiful Mozaic of Dances (Review)

Khalid just premiered a brand new music video for “Talk” single appearing in his upcoming sophomore studio album ‘Free Spirit.’ This is the kind of video you could gaze at all day long.

Khalid teased the new single on January 28th with a video of him listening to the song while driving in his vehicle down a freeway. Fans and we were instantly hooked. The song talks about Khalid being in a situation of lovestruck where he asks the girl to talk out the issues between them.

The music video, however, hints nothing at the contents of the lyrics. Instead, the video is a beautiful sequence of dances by a dozen of dancers. There are fast-paced break dances and slow-paced swings in this choreography. Overall, its a beautifully constructed visual with vibrant colours.

In the music video for “Talk,” different dancers and Khalid appear in different tiles lit with different colours. Props such as a real car, balloons, a pink backpack, a sink, night lights and a bed are used in different tiles to add texture. Everything just seems to work smoothly in this music video, as do the vocals by Khalid.

One specific dancing girl is given prominence out of others and she demonstrates an amazingly flexible dance choreography.

Watch the music video below.

You can pre-order ‘Free Spirit’ album on iTunes and Amazon now. The album is due on April 5, 2019.

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