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PewDiePie Throws a “Congratulations” Diss Party for T-Series (Lyrics Review)

The PewDiePie vs T-Series was has waged for months and has earned its own title-‘The Great Subsriber War.’ The competition for the highest number of subscribers on YouTube took place over a period of 1 year from March 2018 to March 2019. It has been a back-and-forth run between the two channels with T-Series taking over PewDiePie for short periods of times throughout this timeline. By April 1, 2019, PewDiePie had a shortfall of over 110,000 subscribers over T-Series which prompted Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg to release the song and video for “Congratulations.”

“Congratulations” may seem like to be congratulating T-Series, an Indian based record company, over its success on becoming the most subscribed YouTube channel. But PewDiePie uses this song as an opportunity to throw some real shade at the company and why it should not be celebrating at all.

Throughout the song, Felix brings in facts such as “tax evasion,” “selling pirated songs,” “sexual harrassment” claims against Bushan Kumar-the CEO of T-Series and “affiliations with the India Mafia.” Also, PewDiePie points out the fact that his channel is of one Swedish guy whereas T-Series is a music label of the second largest music industry-Bollywood, of the second largest population in the world-India (1.3 billion as of 2019).

PewDiePie also advices T-Series on what ‘defamation’ is given that T-Series made a formal complaint about Felix in a letter. Felix also does not hold back on going ham about the caste system in India which exists quite strongly to to-date. He also says that maybe T-Series’s YouTube revenue could be utilitized to elliviate the “crippling” poverty situation in India.

PewDiePie assists himself with Roomie and Boyinaband to perform this diss celebration. Roomie has previously collaborated with PewDiePie on songs such as “BROFIST,” “Fabulous” and more.

One of the most touching scenes from “Congratulations” diss is when PewDiePie thanks his 9-year-old fan army for sticking by him and starting the massive movement “#subscribetopewdiepie” which kept him in the running against T-Series for over a year. There have been many fond memories of loyalty and Stan-ning under this campaign.

In the “Congratulations” song Felix thanks his fans;

So this is it, thanks for sticking with my channel
Ever since I was a nobody, screaming at barrels
Yeah, this is it, it’s been an adventure
It’s the end of the reign of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
Through all the change and controversy, you’ve been by my side
There’s no army in the world, I would rather give me watch time
It’s been a wild ride, so while I can still be heard
Here’s one last brofist from the number one in the world

However, as of right now, PewDiePie is ahead of T-Series by about a 300,000 subsribers!

The Great Subscriber War is not over!!!

Full Lyrics to “Congratulations” by PewDiePie

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