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Katy Perry is “Never Really Over” Her Exes in New Single and Video (Review)

A 80’s Katy Perry takes a bus to what seems like a mental health institution to discover that she is losing her mind over the fact that she cannot get over her exes even after two years since break up. This is the plot of Katy Perry’s brand new single and music video “Never Really Over.”

The new song was premiered on May 31, 2019 along with the music video that throws back to an 80’s style. “She will be unveiled” captioned Katy Perry teasing the upcoming song on social media just a day before the release. The single is produced by Zedd.

“Never Really Over” marks Katy Perry’s return to music since the release of ‘Witness’ album in 2017 and “365” song in early 2019. The latter was also produced by Zedd. This new song will be a part of Katy Perry’s upcoming 5th studio album.

“Never Really Over” lyrics talk about an on-again-and-off-again relationship which has Katy questioning about the future of their relationship. There must be a lot of psychological warfare involved, which may be why the music video shows her admitting into a mental health institution. There she tries to find peace within herself.

The inspiration for this song may have drawn from Katy’s real-life relationship with actor Orlando Bloom, which, too, has been on and off frequently. However, Orlando Bloom proposed Katy Perry in February 2019. Watch the music video below.

Katy Perry also hinted that she might be hitting the road soon and dropped pins for 5 specific locations captioning “don’t miss the bus. Find your first stop to a whole heart 🧡 (but don’t actually get into any strange white vans ok 🙅🏼‍♀).” These events will focus on fan meets and greets.

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