Julia Michaels Premiers an Emotional “Body” Single and Video

The gorgeous and talented Julia Michaels has come back to grace us with a new music video for her 2019 track “Body.” The song is an inspiration to everyone and the music video is the perfect mood.

“Body” comes from her second EP in 2019 titled ‘Inner Monologue Part 2,’ released on June 28, 2019. The first album ‘Inner Monologue Part 1’ was released in January 2019 and had some intense tracks such as “Anxiety” featuring Selena Gomez, “What A Time” with Niall Horan, “Happy,” “Into You” and more.

“Body” spreads out a strong message on loving yourself no matter what flaws you or especially others see in you. She spoke to Teen Vogue magazine behind the inspiration and meaning behind this song;

I wanted to write a song about my insecurities because I can’t be the only one who feels this way. I got in the studio to work on “Body,” and I just started thinking about those moments. I sang, “I’m sorry I’m a b*tch to you,” which is now the first line of the song addressing the negative internal dialogue I have with myself in those moments. Nobody really talks about that intense toxic relationship with yourself. They talk about toxic relationships you have with other people; in movies and music videos and songs, you see people fighting, you’re throwing glasses at each other and all of this stuff. But I think the relationship you have with yourself can be the most toxic.

Julia Michaels also replied to an emotional fan consoling her of being a victim of a toxic relationship, which Julia admits that she has also endured quite frequently.

Watch the music video below.

Let us hear your experiences of being in toxic relationships and your process of learning to love yourself and your body in the comments below.

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